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help please

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Someone in town has been poisoning dogs. They have killed around a dozen that i know of. Last night it was my mom's housekeepers dog. A while back it was the neighbors dog, who had a litter of puppies. There have been lots more. The police say they are using a very expensive poison, but have been no help at finding this person. They poison them, leave them for dead, often causing the poor animals to suffer horribly. One of the neighbors dog went into convulsions and had to be PTS after iv theropy. The dogs are often poisoned in their own yards inside the fence. It happens all over town and to no particular breed or person. I need to know who to contact for help before anymore animals die. Any help or suggestions is appriciated.
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That is terrible!!!!

I hope they catch the sick'o!!
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me too, i just cant figure out how to catch em. The neighbor even put a add in the paper talking about how sick the person was and how she hoped they realized how sad it was to sit and hold her 13 year old daughter after she found her dog dead in the yard and had to sit and hold her as she cried herself to sleep at night.
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Oh god, how sickening. I pray that they find this person
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Do you have any kind of organization like "Crime Solvers" there? Where people can call a number and leave an annynomous tip about a case and can get a reward? I would talk to the police about it, because if this many dogs are getting poisoned and they are poisoned in their own yard someone had to have seen something. People may not be willing to rat out their friend because it's the right thing, but they probably will be willing to do it if there is a reward.

Is the humane society aware of this? They may have a program like that too. Basically, I think the more word is put out to dog owners to keep an eye on their dogs while they are outside, the better chance you have of finding out who is doing this.

I hope you find the a$$ soon! Poison is no way for any animal to die.
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Call the local news channel. My husband works for a news station here and they are always happy to help with things like that. They get people aware which usually helps catch the criminals sooner. Also, get the word out for people to start putting their animals inside as much as possible. I hope they catch the person / people soon!!
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Oh wow! I hope they catch them and give them a taste of their own medicine! Has Animal Control been notified too as well as the police? I'm surprised that the police have not put up poster signs, etc?

Maybe get the local media tv stations involved?
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Can you set up a camera outside somewhere to record all activity in your yard? That might also be a idea, but I agree, notifying news channels will be your best chance of making as many people aware as possible.
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That is terrible. I hope that all dog owners in the area have been alerted.
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Are you in a small town and heard via word-of-mouth or is it already spread into the media?

I wouldn't go to extremes like trying to catch the guy, however I would help organize a neighborhood watch in your area. That way everyone is involved in helping to catch the guy and allowing the police to do their work.
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its a very small town, maybe about 500 people. We dont even have police for the town anymore(he went pipelinning for the next 4 months), they rely on the county sherriffs. I contacted the humain society and aspca for advice also. I havent done anything as far as the news media, they only care about stories around the metro like tulsa or OKC. Everyone in town knows what is going on, and everyone that can is trying to keep their pets inside, however in the case of my moms housekeeper, she always keeps her dog inside, she just let it out to potty, when it came back in she was acting wierd, they called the vet, but by the time they got there it was already too late. I am going to talk to some of the neighbors and try to get everyone to set up a reward program-if everyone puts in 10 dollars it should add up, even if only the people who lost their pets puts into the fund it will add up quick. Everyone is keeping watch, but so far no luck, which leads me to the theory that it has to be someone that even if seen around noone would suspect. People in town have came to the desision to shoot first ask questions later, its getting pretty bad, its a farm community so most carry guns anyway. On my way through town at night i drive around to see if i can spot anything out of the ordinary, but i have never seen anything.
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Is it happening at around the same time of the day or night? Or is it just
at random times? OMG! I' m so mad!!!! Pitch in and hire a private investigater!
I bet they can sniff the person or persons out! I would love for someone to catch them! Same kind of thing happened to my FIL years ago, this idiot in their neighborhood killed their family FIL called the sherriff, and told them if he steps one foot on my property I'm going to shoot him!!! he was so hurt!! The sherriff told him, "You shoot him, call us and we will come and hold court right there!" he didn't but they actually were giving him permission!
Now they passed a law about you can shoot to kill anyone on your property, that you feel a threat to you and your family! and you won't get charged!!!
So the a$$ better watch his/her dumba$$!!!!! They aren't people, someone who gets their kicks out of doing animals harm!!! They have a screw loose!!
Hire a PI!!!!!
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Thats awful.

Just a thought - how do they know it is an expensive poison? If they know what kind of poison it is, especially an expensive one, then someone could check all the stores that sell the poison?
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Originally Posted by carwashcats View Post
Now they passed a law about you can shoot to kill anyone on your property, that you feel a threat to you and your family! and you won't get charged!!!
Oklahoma has a make my day law, too. Of course you still have to prove there was a threat.
If this person is snooping around on people's property, especially at night, it will be only a matter of time before the person will end up getting shot or shot at.

Unfortunately, identifying the person who bought the poison might be difficult. It's still a very common practice for farmers to poison coyotes around here. Consider that and the fact that the container of poison could have sat in a shed or barn for years, and/or been stolen out of a shed and you have practically no leads.

Best suggestion is put fliers on every store window you can, up on a bulletin board -if there's a place were the locals may gather in the morning to drink coffee and chat, and if allowed put them on light poles. Make sure the person knows everyone is watching and that animal cruelty is a felony in this state.
It wouldn't hurt to try the news channels, if someone who has lost a dog is interested in pursuing it. If they can get a child on tv crying over their lost pet - they'll go for it.
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Wow. I would say the media WOULD be interested. Try with them... you never never know... also with the Best Friends animal rights group, also flyers and door to door - lastly, the camera idea is a good idea... post signs that say "monitored" and even if you put up something that vaguely looks like a camera it might deter the sicko. But OTH he/she may want the attention and therefore ... this maybe exactly what they want to have happen.

I would be looking for an extremely sick person - the kind that could become a serial killer - this person is sadistic, likes to hurt folks, and anti social - ie not hooked into the human community. He she may NOT live in the town proper... but come from outside. If he she is a local, he she may target folks that have "displeased" them some how. In any case, this type of person is an extreme threat to the community, as they could escalate the behavior to people very shortly. (Or may have already for all you know). I would be VERY
concerned about finding a solution/catching the person.

A PI, or other investigative team would be the best bet. Perhaps a newspaper? OR a media crew from a bigger town or the nearest large county. This would make big front lines story of "human interest". Meida coverage could either scare the person off OR escalate the problem further - its hard to say. Either way, you have to do SOMETHING...
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Well another dog dissapeared last night, the owner put up signs around, but the last couple of dogs that dissapeared were found dead around the property so this doesnt look good. I still have yet to hear back from any of the emails i sent to aspca or the humain society. The reason they know the type of poison is because of the dogs that were brought to the vet just before they passed and because of the autopsy or petopsy or whatever it would be for a dog(post death exam). No one knows exactly when it is happening, i would assume at night or late evening, but like i said, i do anightly patrol of town and i have never seen anything out of the ordinary. Town is the kind of place where if your dog is out the neighbors would likely put the animal back in its yard and fix the fence for you or at least give you a call and let you know. I am going to try the newsstation and see if they might do a story, i gotta figure out something.
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