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News from Adrienne!! Wooohooo!!!

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I am soooooooo happy! Adrienne is sick!

No, you sillies. :LOL: I'm not happy about her being sick!!! I'm happy about this being the reason she hasn't been around. I was worried and now, I worry no more.....

She was off sick all week (you poor thing! Hope you feel better!) and today, she is at the office but does not have time to check in. She asked me to let you all know she is alive and that she hopes to have some time soon.

Ady.....we miss you!!!!!!
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thanks for letting us know about ady! we'll call off the search party.
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wooohoooo that is great news! i am sooo happy to know that she is okay!
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Cancel THAT milk carton.
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Awww, Ady- YOU BAD GIRL. Again with these Canadians and their illnesses! (Sorry newer arrivals to TCS - had a slew of Canadians getting sick earlier this fall and not taking care of themselves). Ady gets sick, then gets hubby sick, and then he gets her sick again...


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Well, I'm sure glad it wasn't the disco aliens!!!

We miss you Ady!!

Well, one down, a few more to go.
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Well at least I have good Canadian company in my sickness! Hey Ady, you could have come over and been sick together.

Oh what a great site that would be! No pics needed on that one! *cough* *sniffle*

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I am alive -barely! The only reason I was back at work today was because they called yesterday and begged me to come in - I went against the advice of my doctor. I have the hubby's nasty broncitis! Ick! I can't stop coughing. Well I have to go play catch up now - haven't been online since last Friday!

Kass - I don't think germs shared are germs halved - the opposite in fact!

Thanks Ghys for letting everyone know that I didn't disappear on purpose and lots of thanks for all the well wishes (and search parties!)
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whew! im relieved.....one more to go now...wheres shell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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