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please need advice

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i have 3 kittens aged 4 and a half months 2 girls n a boy one of the girls has started comming into season now my question is can the male get her pregnant he isint yet spraying and i due to be dressed in 2 weeks and if she did get pregnant could she have the kittens ok? help really need advice ty
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Yes she can get pregnant by her own brothers. You need to completely separate the girls from the boys, put him in a bathroom if you have to. You DO NOT want your female pregnant by her own brother, it can and will happen as soon as he feels the urge. Is there a reason they aren't spayed and neutered already? The boy may never start spraying but that doesn't mean he can't impregnate the girls.
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hi jen thanx for the reply but the 2 girls are sisters the boy is not related to them in any way the vet wont dress and spay them till there 5-6 months old
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Yes he can get her pregnant. And if she does get pregnant she stands a very good chance of complications as she's only a kitten herself. She may not even be able to deliver and die. I would keep the male separated from the females till everyone is neutered and spayed! And a male can still get a female pregnant even if neutered for up to 2 months after its done.

I wish that you all over there would get your vets to do the early spay/neuter by 3-4 months old!
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