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The Pee Problem

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Quick list:
4 cats
1 totally indoor Scottish Fold (10 years old)
3 indoor/outdoor (2, 2 & 3 years)
All are spayed and neutered, utd on shots. 1 Large litterpan (it's an unused oilpan for cars because Olley always misses when he poops) in our enclosed porch, the porch door is open 24-7 to allow kitty only access. Litter is changed daily or every other day (or if I'm sick it may be 3-5 days or more depending) and we use Tidy Cat clumping litter.

Our 3 year old adoptee, Olley, has been peeing and spraying ever since we got him from a neighbor. We've tried various cat litters, cat litter pans, multiple litter boxes, sprays, pheromones, and have had vets rule out UTI or health issues. I am on the end of a rope here. His previous owner didn't notice he did the same in her own home at that time and for the first few months we had him he didn't show any signs of peeing in our place till I caught him spraying the walls (which is when we got him fixed).

He literally pees on anything, especially if it's on the floor, but it doesn't stop him. He has peed on our bed while we've slept in it, he's peed on the headboard of our bed, the pillows the blankets. He sprays our curtains, the walls, he pees in the bathtub, on the carpet, on the couch, rugs, my artwork (which I've nearly ended him for), important documents, clothes, the dog bed. EVERYTHING. I've used several pet-urine removing sprays and it only seems to make him pee more. We've noticed certain trends, like if he's mad he'll pee somewhere on something (like when we left for a weekend and he stayed inside), or if he doesn't get enough attention, or he's just lazy. He pees when he doesn't get let outside when he wants to go out, or in general when he doesn't get what he wants.

I KNOW this is behavioral and I just can't find a way to retrain him to be a litterbox king. It kills me because I love Olley, he's a SWEET sweet boy, but this peeing thing has got to stop. I'd be glad if he only peed on something once a month, but this is almost a daily issue. It's extremely frustrating.

I'm going to try and look for the Cat Attract litter at Petsmart and see if they have any Natures Miracle, or the Anti-Icky Poo stuff (I looked through threads here first) since Feliway didn't work and only worsened the problem. I was wondering if I should set up 3 litter stations in the house with different litters? Where the litterbox is now it's quiet and totally undisturbed. I had tried "treat training" where every time he used the potty in the litterbox he'd get pets and treats, but it never sunk in.

I've considered locking him in a bathroom during the day with a litterbox, but he'd just pee in the bath tub. He IS however slightly overweight (about 13 lbs), and I am concerned that may play a part in his peeing behavior (should he be tested for diabetes?)...

As far as the other cats go, everyone gets along. They occasionally have a time when my 10 year old Foldie gets moody but there are never fights, everyone always seems happy and perfectly adjusted. Mynah and Bob are "siblings" from a lady who dumped them when she moved, they were always outside; I never once saw them go inside. The three of them know each other very well and got along outside which is why we decided to keep Bob and Mynah. They play often both indoors and out. Genesis, my foldie girl, I've had her for 10 years, she doesn't dislike the other cats but doesn't openly deal with them unless she's grooming someone (though sometimes she'll get a wild hair and play with them too). Gen is litterbox OCD and I've never had a problem with her going outside the box- ever. Mynah I have caught once or twice, Bob has never peed in the house. Only Olley has the severe "MUST URINE EVERYWHERE" syndrome.

As many suggestions as possible would be appreciated, I'm at a breaking point
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Welcome to TheCatSite...

There is a sticky ( permanent) thread near the top of this forum titled "Inappropriate Peeing Problems Answered" that might offer you some new ideas.

Also, your kitties need separate litter boxes.
Has your vet ruled out a UTI?
That would be where I would start with this.
If there is no infection, then behavior would be what you must address.

With perseverance, you will resolve this problem.
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Originally Posted by xocats View Post
Welcome to TheCatSite...

There is a sticky ( permanent) thread near the top of this forum titled "Inappropriate Peeing Problems Answered" that might offer you some new ideas.

Also, your kitties need separate litter boxes.
Has your vet ruled out a UTI?
That would be where I would start with this.
If there is no infection, then behavior would be what you must address.

With perseverance, you will resolve this problem.
No UTI, we've been through this several times JUST in case, which is why I stated it and mentioned it's behavioral.

I'll check the thread, thanks.

Also, I bought the Kitten Attract as well as the First Alert litter and Natures Miracle. We will see how things go from here. We don't have much room in our apartment for 4 litter boxes and because of my sleeping issues we can't have a litter pan in our bedroom. Should I keep two in the porch and two in one bathroom? Or is that still too close in proximity to each other?
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I am glad that you ruled out a UTI.

As for the litter boxes, add what you can and scoop as often as possible.
Cats prefer clean litter.

It's critical that you use an enzine cleaner to rid all traces of pee.
I think in that sticky, there is more info about this...
if not let us know.
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We are now up to 3 litterboxes in the house. The largest is in the porch, one is in the entrance way of the front door (but not in the way OF the door), and one is in the guest bathroom which we never use because the toilet leaks 9_9 They are cleaned 2-3 times daily.

We also bought the Kitten Attract kitty litter as well as the usual Fresh Step scoopable litter. The bathroom litterbox has the Kitten Attract while the other two are Fresh Step.

We've pinpointed one issue with Olley that never really clicked: My oldest girl, Genesis, has a habit of waiting in front of the porch door when someone needs to potty- basically she won't let them pass. Olley has a fairly submissive personality so instead of barging past her (she's only 7 lbs, he's almost twice that) he just goes elsewhere...literally. So now that they all have access to multiple pans throughout the house I've seen less incidences of Olley going outside the box. HOORAY!

I've also taken the dryer sheets and laid them down in areas I know he's peed before. The areas were cleaned first with Natures Miracle and left to dry, and then the dryer sheets put down. I've heard elsewhere that cats don't like the oilyness or the feel of dryer sheets and won't generally mess on them.

The unfortunate part is I have the flu, so I'm trying to keep up with litterboxes as best I can since my husband hates doing it.
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I commend you for implementing some of the suggestions that members have shared with you..
It sounds like you are well on the way to solving the pee problem.

That flu can really get a person down.
Sending vibes that your DH will scoop, and that you feel better quickly.
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Between today and yesterday there have been two more obvious peeing incidents outside the litter box.

first incident found was cat pee on the dog bed, right in the middle.

the second incident was this morning to find cat pee again in the bathtub. Almost always in our bedroom bathtub.

I've been dutifully keeping all of the litter boxes clean on a daily basis, so I don't understand what the issue is now. :/ He was doing fine and then "regressed" again. The problem we have is that because of my sleeping issues I can't have a cat litter box in our bedroom or bathroom.
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I caught Olley getting ready to pee under our bathroom counter tonight :/ He just LOOKED at me as he started to paw at the floor and then squat.

I'm lost for ideas.

He's peed on the dogbed
He's peed again in the tub
and this time he attempted to pee on the floor right in my sight.

I scooped him up before he could eliminate and put him in the bathroom with the litterbox.

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I just got a kitten from the shlter, and she has had urination problems as well, but they too seem to be specific and follow trends. I also have just adopted a older larger kitten who is playful, somewhat dominant, but not mean. She does chase him around, but he does outweight her (8 to 5 pounds).Originally she would pee around her box and in one corner of my bedroom. When I would clean up either place, she would either pee very close by or in the bathtub as well. I got a second litter box, cat attract litter and am cleaning the boxes twice and three times a day. Shewas also cleared of UTI issues, but does have a history of diarrhea and upper respiratory infection. She was also not with her mon for very long since the shelter got her at 4 weeks.

What does seem to work, is when I lock her out of my room (I live in a condo with one beadroom and loft), she seems to be perfect.

I let her back in the room along with my other cat, but a few days later the diarrhea started up (maybe changes in food) and so did the peeing in the room.
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