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cooking fish...recipes needed

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So i have gained some weight and decided to start exercising agian and decided to eat really healthy, Im going to start eating more fish for protein instead of chicken and steak. I still eat chicken but i want to eat mainly fish.

My issue is I have only made salmon before and eating too much salmon isnt good for you, so today I bought some Orange Roughy, but i dont know how to cook it or what kind of spices and stuff to use.

Anyone here have any good Orange Roughy recipes, or any fish recipes I could right down for a later date. And what kind of fish do you guys like, Ive only ever had salmon, my mom used to cook the ornage roughy when i was young, but hers was no good, sorry mom!

I also bought some lentils cause I hear they are healthy and a good source of Fiber, does anyone have any helathy lentil recipes? I got regular lentils and the black bulgua lentils.

Thanks in advance!
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My husband and I don't eat a ton of fish, but the one recipe I do have is really good. I buy tilapia (fresh, not frozen) and soak it in lemon juice and salt for about an hour. Then I cook it in a skillet with more lemon juice, adding salt and pepper, capers, and a tiny bit of cream (just a slight dash). It makes a kind of creamy lemon caper sauce. It's really good.
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Try looking here

If you click on the low fat recipes, there is an Orange Roughy in a scallion and ginger sauce.
That would be the only roughy recipe I've ever tried, but it was yummy.
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