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Zoey n' Harley Cuteness

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Ok I luv ya but .......

we need to nappie now!
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They are so cute!!
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Zoey & Harley should of came with an ultra cuteness warning!!
Love how they are both lounging in the sun together!!
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Thank you I'm quite smitten with these two girls!

They are always doing something darling or being kissie! Looking back it is hard to believe that we had to catch Harley with a net and Zoey bit DH twice through his gloves, LOL They seem so innocent now.....
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Awwwwwwwwww!! Very precious!!
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aww! sooo cute
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really cute!!!!!
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Oh gosh! That first pic is darling!
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Awww those are precious pics of your precious girls
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Aw, so cute! Very nice pictures...and adorable kitties!!
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Oh My Gosh!! This thead needs a super ultra extra-cuteness warning...Zoey and Harlery are such dolls lying there in the sun together. How old are they?
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OH MY GOODNESS!! That is soo cute!!!

--Seriously needed a cuteness warning on this thread! I simply was not prepared!
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