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Originally Posted by kittylover77 View Post
I bought my cat in a pet store for a whopping $50. She is a maine coon and gorgeous.
I wanted to adopt first, but was denied several times due to living in an apartment or not having a stable vet reference as I didn't like the vets for various reasons.

Until shelters get smarter, I will continue on purchasing animals through pet stores or breeders.

Its not worth my aggravation to be told I can't have a pet because I don't meet some silly guidelines.

I used to work at the humane society where we used to live. Excuse me, but those "silly" guidelines are for the animal's best interest to make sure they go to a good home.
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Wow. I adopted Kiwi from a shelter when I was 20 years old, living alone in an apartment (had just moved in) and had two other pets already. They didn't ask for a vet reference, although I would have given it to them.

Maybe it was just because she had been there so long and was listed as a "special needs" cat, but during the interview where they supposed to be making sure you would be a good home for the cat, the time was basically spent making sure I understood her condition and then making sure I still wanted her after it was clear I understood. Maybe it was a regional thing.

I waited for a long time for the interview, and heard tons of different interviews as I hung around waiting, the only ones that were rejected were the really crazy folks, that said the dog/cat would live outside, they already had a dozen other pets, they tried to haggle about the price, etc. (Cats were $25, dogs were $50. At that shelter, they still are.)

There are so many alternatives to buying from a pet store, to be honest with you, I don't see a good reason for it. If the shelter is wary about adopting a cat to you, ask if you can volunteer there, show them that you're that interested. Provide character references. Or, go to a kill shelter, they're usually a lot more lenient on their adoption standards, because the cats are slated for death anyways. Keep in mind, the shelter isn't trying to be mean to you, they're trying to ensure that the cat go to the best home possible, they just have the cats best interests at heart, that's it that's all. Prove to them that you would be a good home, don't be insulted.

Ultimately, there are far too many cats being killed everyday as a result of irresponsible breeding, and pet stores support irresponsible breeding because it makes them money. Stop irresponsible breeding = stop the needless killing of so many unwanted cats. It really is that simple.

I would jump through whatever hoops I had to in order to avoid supporting that industry.
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Originally Posted by faith's_mom View Post
There is a big difference between adopting and selling You are not 'selling' cats, you are adopting them out...most pet stores are not adopting them out, they are selling them simply to make a profit. You aren't selling them to make a profit, either, what the animals bring in from their adoption goes right back toward helping adopt out more animals.
Correct. This is my point. We're in a pet store, but we're adopting cats, not selling them. They don't belong to the store and the only "profit" the store makes off of groups like us is that people load up on supplies there and hopefully become regular shoppers there.
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Originally Posted by Sakura View Post
Yep I bring dogs to Petco once a week for dog adoptions, they are from the humane society. My PetSmart has about 8 cats from the humane society at all times, and then they have a cat rescue group there on Saturdays. It's clearly marked as an adoption/rescue event, and they don't charge more than you would pay at the humane society.
Yes, this is how it works here too. It’s mainly the fosters who bring the adoptables for show at weeknights and weekends, and the pet shop booths are kept occupied by cats from shelter who are deemed ok to manage it in that environment. (Often the ones who are hoped to be quick to adopt). I have adopted from shelter both times but I might have found my 3 boys in PetSmart just as well because that shelter keeps clinics in the shop, and I just can’t help myself passing by (dang for the grocery shop being right next to the PetSmart). I like especially one of the rescue organizations there, they really do seem to do nice job with cats, they have a free roaming rooms for the friendly cats etc.

I also like the fact the adoptions are arranged as “clinicsâ€. It takes a LITTLE bit out of some impulse buys at the shops at least even when some cats are on show during all opening hours. I have several times heard the shop assistants telling people: “No, we won’t just give you a cat from there to take home, you have to come back at the clinic time to talk to the people, you can call this number and take the brochureâ€. Some people really appear to be acting on the spur of the moment because they get so heated from any denial (like you could not come back and/or call and try to reserve the cat for viewing – clinic times are posted, just turn up 20min before next one pretty much guarantees first viewing, and if you are really interested you WILL bother to call and find out what to do you’d think!)
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Originally Posted by Kiwi Kat View Post
I waited for a long time for the interview, and heard tons of different interviews as I hung around waiting, the only ones that were rejected were the really crazy folks, that said the dog/cat would live outside, they already had a dozen other pets, they tried to haggle about the price, etc. (Cats were $25, dogs were $50. At that shelter, they still are.)
Hey, I've had a dozen+ pets before when I used to own more small critters along with my dogs/cat/fosters, that doesn't mean I'm a bad owner... As for whether or not that makes me crazy, that's another matter.

Also I don't think anyone was saying that adoptions where the adoptable animals are shown at a pet store is anything like the same as buying an animal from a pet store.
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I was there when we Adopted our Dog. They are Strict but its better that way.
We filled out over 200 questions and picked the Dog we wanted. We almost didnt get her because a few other people tried to get her. we got picked and she lived 15 years. They make you go to a Vet on their list. Our Vet was not on the list. We put down the Cats we had and our Vets name. There was a Dog my Dad reay wanted but she wasnt good with kids so we picked this one. We got to go in a yard there and play with her outside. My Sister Cat came from Petsmart a few years ago. It was were they do the Adoptions. i am afraid to Adopt from the pound here because its filthy and alot of the animals are Sick. They got in trouble again.
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Originally Posted by EkEkEkEk07 View Post
a while back my friend went to a pet store with me b/c i wanted to buy a salamander. i left with nothing, she left with a $300 black dsh kitten. it wasn't a special purebred cat, it was just a plain kitten. cute, sure, but all kittens are cute. it wasn't about the breed when i adopted, i just wanted to rescue a needy animal. my cat is very handsome though!! where do these kittens come from and do a lot of people buy them? it was totally an impulse buy for her. i mentioned adoption, but i guess she saw the kitten and wanted it that second, or wanted the one that meowed when she held it b/c of the immediate connection with the cute creature. lol. i don't think it's right for pet stores to sell kittens b/c there are already so many of them in shelters, and since so many people impulse buy them, they probably give them up to shelters when they realize it is too much work. i adopted my cat and he's had a couple health problems, but he's doing fine now. i adopted him for $50. i don't know, maybe pet store cats are better bred or guaranteed healthy. her cat is a real demon!!!
I think that is a tough one to answer, some for sure are cat mills, others could be from unexpected litters etc.. i think that is the biggest problem the overall uncertainty of their history.

Alot of people do buy them otherwise stores wouldn't bother bringing them in

All that said and done, my very first cat came from a pet store... she led a decent life and passed on @ 17yrs..

Not that i agree w/pet stores selling animals i don't and i definitely agree shops tend to contribute impulse pet buying which isn't something as easy to do through an adoption place or breeder.
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I have over a dozen animals & I'm not arguing that I'm not crazy, but I do take good care of them. That's beside the point.

A lot of times, when you see the cats/dogs for sale in pet stores, not rescue animals up for adoption....the cages are dirty...I don't see how people can buy an animal when it's living conditions are obviously sub-standard & then be surprised that the animal is sick!
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