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Who wants to play "guess how far along she is"

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This is Pennie. And, here are the clues:
1. We got her January 6 (5 weeks ago yesterday), at which time her previous owner knew she was pregnant.
2. I'm pretty clueless about mama kitties, so I've been anxiously awaiting her babies for 2 weeks now.
3 She just began to "show" (rounding belly) 2 1/2 weeks ago.
O.K., this post could be titled, "How much longer do I have to wait??!" The truth is I'm on pins and needles waiting for this birth.

Thanks for playing! -Jen
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I have no clue how much longer you have to wait, but I just wanted to say that she is gorgeous!! I just love her markings!! and that all goes well for you, her, and the kittens!!
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We think so, too!
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IMO she's not that big - so my guess is that just before you got her, she mated with a tom - so however long you've own her, that is how far she is in weeks.

Cats take approximately 9 weeks to have kittens. If you've had her 6 weeks, then she has another 3 weeks to go

BTW in case you want to know your girl is what is called a Brown Patched Tabby - she should have a multi color litter
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I would say 3-4 more weeks
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I have absolutely no knowledge of these issues either... but I'd tend to go with the guesses others expressed. When I first opened the post my impression was that she was not so pregnant yet. When I was a kid my grandma had a cat who was often pregnant (to my joy - I got to play with kittens so often!). She sure had a way bigger belly flopping side to side when she got closer to her time. Then again they are all different, your beauty might just be petite tite-belly
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She is beautiful!!

Do you already have homes lined up for the kittens or are you going to keep some?
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I was hoping another week, at most.
Is it possible that she's not too big because maybe there are only 2-3 kittens?
Her last 2 litters had the same father, and her kittens were beautiful-big, fluffy, mostly white or black with the opposite markings on their faces and tales (the previous owner kept them and we saw them when we picked up Pennie).
She's petite, about half the size of her kittens (at 6mo. old, lol)!

We will be getting her spayed as soon as possible after she gives birth. When is that? 2 months, 3?

We plan on keeping several of the kittens, too. One question about that. Do mama cats usually get along with their grown kittens?

We may look around for great homes for the rest of the litter. But, I don't know if I could part with any. I feel crazy to consider keeping 6 or 7 cats. Are the pros greater than cons to keeping them? I welcome any support. BTW- All kittens will be spayed or neutered at 3-4 months old. I've read many of others' posts and thank you for all of your great advice!!
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Some moms don't mind their offspring hanging around, many of them do. If you want to keep any, I'd just keep one - maybe pick out the one she seems most comfortable with and get him/her spayed/neutered by 3 months old. That way the kitten will not really be "mature" and cause the mom to be upset and want them gone

Good luck and hope things turn out ok with no complications
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Hi there,

I am no expert on pregnant cats (the only cat I have ever owned was an indoor cat who was spayed as a kitten and died 2 years ago at 17) BUT I have recently rescued a pregnant cat and she is a little bigger than yours appears in the pics.

I am taking her to the vet tomorrow to see how far along she is and will let you know what he says.

Also, can you tell me how to post pix? TIA
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Watch her stomach when she lays down. Can you see little bumps moving up and down along her side. If you can it is the kittens moving. If you can see the movement you have two weeks or less. The more movement the less time.
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I dont think she was very pregnant at all when you got her, but I wouldn't *guess* any longer than 2 1/2 weeks at the latest.... She does need to grow some yet though!
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If she got Preg Jan 6th she would be due March 12th. I bet she was Preg before you got her so it will be before then.
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You're right Mews2much! She would have had to get preggers before then, and since they knew she was pregnant would have to be about 2 weeks along, putting her due around Febuary 24th!! Thats what my math is getting me though... could be different!

So I would make sure everything ready! Ive seen kitties only have one or two kittens and never really get big!

How did they know she was pregnant before you got her just outta curiosity?? I would think if they knew she was pregnant that would know when she was mated! And then we could get a real due date! Otherwise, ya know the vet could tell ya....
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she was acting real lovey, rubbing on them, and she was getting bigger. She was an outside-only cat when we got her. She's inside-only now. Since they already had 2 litters with her, I figured they'd know! sheesh! I don't see much movement when she's resting, but she doesn't rest out in the open much, mainly we cuddle just before bed. I have felt them move, but not real dramatically, just subtle. I appreciate all of your help! Although I wanted it to be yesterday, lol, it's good to know I don't have to wait on pins and needles. -Jen
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Got some info that might help you (or confuse you further ).

I just got back from the vet with my pregnant stray and he said you can't tell how far along a cat is by looking at her body since the cat could be carrying 2 kittens or 12.

He said you have to feel the sacks to see how big their skeletons are BUT he said this should never be done by inexperienced hands because you could hurt the kittens.

He did say that you only see movement of the kittens in the last 2 weeks of pregnancy.

He also said that experienced mothers will start nesting sooner than first time moms.

Soooooooo, it looks like you're going to have to wait and see but it does sound like you are in the home stretch.
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Honestly, I have felt around (gently!)

I've begun to see movement, and sometimes when I pet her, there is a hard spot on one of her sides. I press it gently and it moves away. I'm thinking 2 weeks max. She's an experienced mom, so I hope she lets me know when it's real close. Do you, Rotobay, have a picture of yours? I'd love to see it! -Jen
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