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Cat toys

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I bought this mouse for my cat's they do not like it,but my granddaugther does!
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Is that the robotic mouse that talks and moves if bumped? Ivo HATES that! It's so loud, it even bothers me!
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Awww, how cute! At least it's getting used.

Willie seems scared of the catnip mice I bought for him - *sigh*. However, Mio left a project he did in school, representing the life cycle of the butterfly, on the floor yesterday. It had little pink cotton balls that represented the eggs. Willie got one off and had a GREAT time chasing it. The funniest thing was that when it rolled somewhere he couldn't get at it good with his paw, he carefully picked it up with his mouth and relocated it. As he's generally very sedentary, that was a sight to see!
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I tried one of those battery powered mice that roll about and bump into things. It was so loud it scared the cats! So much for that. But what do you buy the cat who has every thing? Jellybeans! Binks found the candy dish and now im finding jellybeans all over the house.
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I got one of those robot mice for Fitz. He isn't scared of it but only likes to start it up. He walks up and pokes it witha paw to get it going and then leaves until the noise stops. Then he comes back to the kitchen to start it up again and then he leaves. He'll do this over and over until I put it away--he never chases it though.
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Hey, I have one of those mice too. It was a gift. I think I have had it on twice, and although they weren't scared of it, they didn't play with it either. It was so loud I think it was only on twice since I was given it.
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i thought about getting one of those. glad i didn't! thanks for the tip.
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Yes it one of those! I hate it also drives me nuts!The baby isn;t here to often,she can play with it when she is here.I bought a motion activted luminated ball,it has bright color lights they liked that!It is made by HARTZ,I got it at Walmart for about $5.00
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I was looking at that one a couple of weekends ago! Then I thought, wood floors.....loud annoying robotic merchandise....Nakita would be terrified.....no way!

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Your granddaughter is adorable! The toy, on the other hand, would freak my cats out.
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