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balding above eyes?

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Raven has above her eyes, sparse patches of fur. No bumps and nothing on the rest of her body. Is this a normal thing? Or does it sound like a food allergy or other issue?
This is the best picture I could do, it is more noticable in person. Raven is the black cat. you can see the gray of her skin above her eye, it is like that on both sides.

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Yes that sounds normal to me
Both Kitty and Maisie have just thin hair there.
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It's normal to have sparse fur in that patch between the eye and the ear - much more noticeable on dark cats though! Don't panic, all mine are like that

Edit: Actually I just noticed you can see it on 2 of my boys in my signature quite clearly, I hope that puts your mind at rest
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Looks normal to me as well. I find it's a wonderful spot to drop some kisses onto.
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THANKS, that really does put my mind at ease. I am glad it is normal.
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I think it's normal too.

Here's two pictures of Milo where that thin patch is clearly visible:

No worries.
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Originally Posted by Kiwi Kat View Post
I think it's normal too.

No worries.
It is JUST like that.
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My Cats are the same except Coco because she is old. She has whitish gray hair above her eyes now. Her hair is thin there too.
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normal and you may just see it better since Raven is a well raven beauty
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Carter has this too. His skin is white, so anywhere on his body with thinner hair you can see that. It's particularly funny on his little tummy.
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Forrest is exactly the same way. It's normal.
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Yep, that's normal. Raven (my Raven ) had thin hair there too. It just looks more pronounced because she's black with that light skin underneath.
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