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Originally Posted by mom2raven View Post
I feed nutro and thought they were good, this is scary info and I might look into switching.
I know that there are higher quality foods and junk foods. Sometimes I think that since there are so many people that feed junk that it must be safe, know what I mean?
I love my kitties.
I agree with you. I feed both the cats and the dog Nutro.....compaired to Wal-Mart food its VERY good. So we spend all this money and we still have problems with food?!!!!!


With all this technology I don't understand how the food is contaminated or has defects.

(However, I think I will stick wth Nutro, I can't afford anything more than that!)
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I've been feeding MK Eukanuba for ages after he consistently vomited up the cheap food. We tried almost all of the premium brands at Petsmart, and Eukanuba is what he liked. But, we've been feeding him the nutro packets for ages and, if anything, he's lost weight and had more energy for it.

Our new kitten has both Eukanuba and Nutro. We picked up the Nutro after I came here looking for a reason as to why she had dandruff. After the switch? No dandruff and she LOVES the nutro...eats it right up.

As others have said...dig around and you will find enough complaints about anything...especially on the internet.
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