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He's sick again

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Well Jordan is sick again. He was great Thursday, running around playing with Isaac at 2:30 AM. Friday he was fine, ate dinner fine around 9:30 PM. Then suddenly Satruday at 4:45 he woke up & puked. He then threw up 3 more times in a matter of 2 hours, he also had some loose stool. I let him sleep a couple of hours (& me too). We woke up & he refused to eat. Well I called the vet. Took him there, they did blood work & x-rays. X-rays were fine, blood work was normal for him. His blood calcium was 11.9, high end of normal is 11.8. That's where he's been for 9 months now. The vet did say his protine was slightly elevate, but felt it could be due to dehydration. They gave himm 200 ml sub-q & sent him home with me. The vet said if he wasn't better by today to call. Well Saturday night, he got my hopes up a little bit ate 3/4 a can of his FF medolies. Then yesterday morning wouldn't eat cat food, but did eat a jar of baby food. Now he barely wants to eat at all. We are about to lose power at work, I'll update later.
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I hope he wi be ok.
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Jordan I hope you get well fast .... for meowmy
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Sending lots of healing vibes for Jordan!
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Aww Hope Jordan is going to be okay
Many healing & caring For your precious boy Jordan!
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Sending vibes for Jordan.

for you.
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Sending and to Jordan and mom. Get better sweetheart.
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Poor baby Lots of healthy heading over for Jordan.

Keep us updated though?
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OK, sorry I didn't get back here yesterday, it was a crazy afternoon. I meant to add that Jordan had not lost any weight since his last visit back in January. (that poor thing has been to the vet so much I'm supprised he will even come near me) So I talked to the vet and he said there were a couple options, the barium series or an exploritory. I brought up that we had a lot of cats at the shelter with loose stool and he said I could try some panicure & metronitizole (SP?). So I started that yesterday, and this morning Jordan got in my face when the alarm went off. He ate about 2/3 a can of fancy feast wich is the most he has eaten on his own since Saturday. So I don't think we are out of the woods just yet, but I'm really hopeful that it was in fact just Giardia. I will also be looking up more information about I.B.D. because that is another possibility. When I talked to my Mom on Sunday she said that she doesn't think he has cancer. She said he looks too healthy and his coat is too shiny. I don't know if that is right, but for now I'm feeling a little relief. Thankyou all so much for your good thoughts.
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I'm happy to report that he is his sassy, sweet old self again. I swear he has to have used up all 9 of his lives by now. I think I'm going to start calling him the Timex Kitty, takes a licken & keeps on ticken!
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Well somehow I missed this thread...I'm glad he is better
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