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Bad Habit's

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What are your bad habit's?
drinkineg a six pack or more of pepsi a day.
Staying up to late
sleeping in to late
driving to fast
eating the wrong foods
staying on the coumpter to long
wanting more cats
buying to many rings
watching to much TV
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drinking too much diet pepsi
spending too much time on the internet at work
judging people (usually coworkers)
obsessing about money
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overeating, diet coke, worrying, spending too much time on the computer, and watching too much tv.
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driving too fast
short temper
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Too much time on the computer
Wanting too many animals (and not being able to get them) :tounge2:
Obsessive worrying, mostly about money problems

I'm sure there must be others but that's all I can think of. I don't really "smoke" anymore, but sometimes I smoke with friends, but I LIKE smoking, so I don't think it's bad.
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#1 is Procrastination. Especially during school, I would leave all assignment till the very deadline!

#2 - My friends get confused because I keep changing topics. They call me the revolving door because I will always come back to the original topic that I started talking on.

I have to learn to reduce the amount of conversations I get involved in! That's why I love forums...I can skip to any number of topics and no one even notices!

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Playing my music too loud (I don't even realize it)
Nail biting (but I've pretty much quit doing that. Only around exam time, lol.)
Painting in my good clothes (I don't think I own anything without a drop of paint on it... I always forget)
Being antisocial (That's not really a habit, I guess. I think I'm the only teenage girl on the face of the earth that hates slumber parties.)

and drinking far too much dr pepper.
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nail biting
i am always changing the subject and then going back to it - i have to get it out before i forget!!!!!
drinking wayyyy too much coffee
hubby thinks its a bad habit of mine to tease with a deadpan face that he cannot tell whether i am joking or not.
i cant remember off the top of my head right now, its so early.
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expecting too much of others, and then being disappointed. expecting to much of myself and then being disappointed allso
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