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Amazing change in my neutered boy!!!

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I am new to the forums so bear with me.

I got my Mitch neutered about a month ago and he is so happy! I can't believe it! He was always a really fun little guy with a great disposition but man! Lately he has been flying all over the house, attacking my legs (in a nice way, not malicious), rolling all over the floor and ahh... finally... silence. No more awful whiny meowing during all hours. It's wonderful.

Is this what usually happens when a male cat is neutered?
(If that picture didn't work you can always go see him in
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Aww he's cute!
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I got two boys when they were 7-8 months old. I think them not being neutered might have been one reason they had been dumped at the shelter… They were all lovely all right but OH BOY, they were crazed with their hormones, especially the bigger brother.
AND the SMELL of the PEE. It was absolutely horrid. Unfortunately, they had a cold from the shelter and we had to endure some brotherly mounting (little brother looking for safety with saucer eyes), and pubertal play for little while for the cold to clear. Ah the change that came right after the clip-and-nip. No more yucky pee smell, it was gone in 2 days - and the over the top plays calmed down to nice wrestling matches and chases with nobody fearing for lost innocence.
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Oh, your little guy is just so cute!!!!
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My boy was already 'done' when I got him so I don`t know really.

Your kitty is the cutest little guyby the way!
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I got Hobbit neutured at the same time as his Op - so a lil hard to tell, which was the effect from being Neutured but he did seem alot bouncier and ran much faster around the house!!! It was so Cute
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OMG your baby is SO ADORABLE!
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I wish my boy would calm down, but I guess that'll come more with age. ;D He's been neutered for about three konths (since he was five months old), and is still as fiesty and "vicious" as ever.
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he's adorable...
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Awww Your little guy looks like my baby girl, Rusty! He is soooo cute!
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Yep they can concentrate on other things rather then finding that unspayed female! Thanks for getting him snipped
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What a cutie! Are those extra toes I see, or just lovely big paws?
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I love his choice of reading material in that one picture j/k
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Awwww what a handsome boy! I always wonder why people are so against getting their pets spayed and neutered - they are much happier without all those annoying hormones!
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