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I googled cat sites as well.
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I was googling something to do with cats -- nothing urgent, just a curiosity, and I don't even remember now what it was. TCS was among the first few hits. I followed the link, liked what I saw, and the rest is history.
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I joined when Leya went blind after her spay. It's such a great site and so many people had advice for me!!!
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I went looking around for kitty info when I got Molly and then looked for a cat forum. I really liked this one far more than the others- the rest is history.
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When I first adopted bean, he was a very unhealthy little kitten. So I got on the internet to look for advice, and stumbled across this site.
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I found a pregnant cat in a parking lot and was scared. I brought her home and started searching the internet for anything I could find on pregnant kitties and I wound up here!
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i had lost janet to a mystery illness and wanted answers. i googled cat forums and this was the first one that came up. through this site i discovered that it was more than likely FIP that took my boy away from me. it was some comfort after a daily guilt trip that i could have done more for him.

this site is the best because of all the wonderful people on here!!!
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I had never been a member of any forums and I just had an urge to be a part of one but didn't know how to find one. I thought to myself about how much I love cats and figured it would be fun to talk with other people about it so I went to Google and typed "Cat fourms" and came across this sight!! And I'm glad I did! I feel so at home here and get so excited to come and see what people are writing about! Eveyone here is so nice and welcoming!! I LOVE YOU GUYS!!
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I was researching feline hyperthyroidism last summer because Tigger had it. Saw the forum & fell in love!
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I found this site when I was getting ready to adopt 2 cats from the animal shelter . I am SOOOO GLAD that I found this group. It has given me SOOOOOO MUCH advice over the last 9 months or so.
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i guess if i remember right i googled it looking for informaton on calico cats(speciffically genetics). I had just brought Callie into the family and realized i didnt know anything about callicos since i hadnt had one since i was about 6 years old.
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I researched cat forums and this was the only one I liked
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I googled the words "cat site" and lo and behold, guess who was first on the list!
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