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I was just thinking... "I wonder what brought everyone else to this site?"

My first time here, I was looking for information on bone diseases. My little Neville was all kinds of broken and no one could give me an answer. All they knew was that his bone density was decreased. This was the only place I found other people who had animals with Nevilles same problem. Its been almost two years now and I still learn new things from this site everyday. (Like how to socialize a feral kitten, or whats a good diet for my diabetic)

So what brought everyone else here?
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Kittens turned up in the yard.

Now most of them live with us - and have since just after my join date! Because of what I then learned on this site, there is a whole mess of spayed and neutered cats all across this country courtesy of Gary and I. ....and we started a no-kill shelter, and until he got so sick, we actively trapped all over northern NJ.

And he used to hate cats!

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Looking to find out why the heck my cat was peeing on the carpet and bedding!
And I'm so happy I found it! This site is completely awesome! Plus I dont feel like as much of a crazy cat person! LOL
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It's been so long I forgot lol
I think it was because a cat I took in had kittens...... I'll have to look it up

ETA: Yeap.... I had 11 cats at the time
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I came here when I was looking for help with my 17 year old cat who had CRF. I will always be grateful to this site for all the advice and support I was given.
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being bored at work, after they turned off my ability to access soem of the other forums i used to read at work
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i wanted to meet other kitty owner's & am sooo glad i did, i love it here!
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I lurked off and on for a few months but didn't join until I saw that someone was commenting on the way they cared for their leopard gecko (misting it and a few other things). Misting a leo, a desert reptile, is just asking for it to get sick with a respiratory infection. That corrected, I hung around.
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I was bored and figured.. what harm could it do to meet other kitty owners ((I dont get out much )) .. but im glad I joined now cuz this place is cool!!

Ill have you know.. I havnt joined any other cat forums since I joint TCS..!!
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I can't exactly remember but I think I had done a search on Google when we had first adopted our kittens and ended up here!
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It's been almost 3 years I think?

I signed up because I was supposed to be getting my very first pregnant momma foster kitty.. and I had never dealt with a pregnant cat or dealt with raising kittens before.. so I was looking for real people with real stories.
But it turned out I didn't get the momma after all, but instead got my second litter of orphaned kittens.
So I'm glad I joined TCS anyway.
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Sadly ,I had just lost my most precious Marbles. It was devastating. Since we did not know why he died, I was concerned for our other cats. So I posted here. I never expected to actually stick around and find comfort from it though.
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I had gotten my two little former street cats, Lena and Larry. I was fostering, and had never fostered before. I also had never had cats who were born in a feral colony.

So I was curious about socializing them, and Googled "Socializing feral cats", and found this site!

And I love it! Because I've now adopted these two, and it's great to come to a site with other cat lovers and read all sorts of similar things to what my cats are doing.

Great site.

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Chloe brought me here When she was preggo!! I was trying to learn about preggo cats and when how long they carried the kits and such.
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I can't remember exactly what sucked me in but I think it was looking for some people who felt the same passion with their cats as I do, so I didn't feel like the "crazy cat lady", even though I only had one kitty! Then when my beloved Sweety passed a year after I joined TCS, there was so much support and understanding, I realized I really had a new family here!
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I was bored one day and read everything on the other forums I go to...so I did a search for cat forums on google and found TCS. I lurked around for a little while before joining.

I'm glad that I found it because TCS is now my favorite forum. Everyone is so nice and I havn't posted so much anywhere else.
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I got brought here when Glitch was diagnosed with FIP and I wanted to know how to comfort him in his final days! I think my first thread was "My cat has FIP, how do I comfort him?" and he passed on a few days after finding this website! I was researching FIP and this site came up, so I came here and everyone was very supportive through a very hard time!
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Hey - I remember when a lot of you joined and remember your threads!!

I joined looking for advice about a FeLV problem in my feral colony that spread inside my home. I lost about 7 cats in that episode, was inconsolable, and needed to talk to people who could not only help me, but would understand what I was going thru.
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I had recently brought home a little bundle of black and white destruction, and was just looking for somewhere to chat about cats and kittens, I don't think I was after any particular advice, just looking to talk to people who would understand the sleep deprivation and constant chaos!
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I was googling for advice on how to clean a cat's fur of motor oil, the night I found Persil sheltering under my car and she was black with oil and grit. Hissy gave me good advice and I have been here ever since.
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We trapped Pru, who was a feral living around our neighborhood. She was literally bouncing off the walls and so wild it was scaring me. I was ready to turn her loose. I googled "cat forums" that night and found TCS, thank goodness! I got great advice and realized keeping Pru was possible with some help from the people on here.
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I found the site after I lost my cat Flippy to kidney failure last year.
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I found it shortly after I got Forest. I was looking for information on his condition (cerebellar hypoplasia...it's a bit like cerebral palsey). I found a website about another cat with the same condition, and there was a link to TCS from that site.
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I found TCS through a google search for cat forums I think. This is why I came looking for a cat forum.
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Originally Posted by Vixen16 View Post
I was bored and figured.. what harm could it do to meet other kitty owners ((I dont get out much )) .. but im glad I joined now cuz this place is cool!!

Ill have you know.. I havnt joined any other cat forums since I joint TCS..!!
There are other cat forums out there?

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I found it when I was searching for a cat forum

I was looking b/c I'm a cat lover that simply loves to share my cats with others. And loves to see other cats and hear their owners stories.

I do cat rescue and also used to work as a vet tech, but regardless, it is great to have a resource on hand for those concerns and questions that I can't answer myself. Plus I love to pick up things here and there, in regards to different ideas and such to try :-) And it's always great if I can share any of my knowledge or insight to help someone else.

I've been on some other cat forums that I've enjoyed also, but I prefer this one now
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I was desperate to find a solution to Coco's chronic loose stool problem. I tried a Bengals only site but there was so little traffic there that I really didn't get any help. Googling ("google" has *got* to be made a verb) around I found this site and got a wealth of fantastic information that eventually lead to a solution.

Before spending time on this site I thought I knew a lot about cats. Now I know what a dunce I was. I truly feel sorry for the cats I had before and didn't take very good care of because of my ignorance.
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I found TCS and joined when my Alley was dying, trying to find help and advice regarding her condition.
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I am a member of a pug forum because I love pugs and I had one for a short while. I started asking questions about kitties after I got Raven (not my first cat but I want to do everything right) and someone from there is also a member here and she pm'd me the site.
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I got Twix and came here looking for information on cats...it was over a year ago already ! I found this site and joined on a whim before I even searched it over at all. Now I'd never join another cat forum because I know this one is by far the best!

I love you TCS!!!
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