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Smudge has just been sick..

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Hi all,

Just thought id pop in for a bit more advice!

We adpoted Smudge yesterday from our local rescue centre, and shes doing really well. The lady at the rescue centre told me she feeds her on dry food in the morning, then a pouch of food in the evening, or she will give the cats tuna as a treat. As I didnt have any pouches in and there were no shops open, I gave smudge just under half a can of tuna which she enjoyed. I have just gone upstairs and she has been sick. Could it be that I have fed her to much? Also, she has used her litter tray which is good, but not for a number 2! How often do cats go to the toilet?

I am confussed!!!
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I've been reading in various places that tuna is not recommended for cats, but would love to hear opinions from others on the forum.
I haven't had the problem since my cat refuses all fresh meats and fish.
A half can -may- have been too much but I'm no expert. Is that how much the shelter fed her as a treat? Keep an eye on her! I've only had my cat throw up his food once, and that was so long ago I don't remember the circumstances.
Maybe she is/was also anxious in her new home? My cat has been constipated lately, and I've found getting him to play with toys and run about gets him to go #2. Keep an eye on that as well, constipation can be a serious issue. May be a good idea to talk to a vet, just to be on the safe side. Hopefully she will not throw up again. Good luck with your new kitty.
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Tuna should be used sparingly... CAT food with tuna is balenced in the nutrients HUMAN tuna would deplete .... but most will not recommend a solid wet diet of mainly fish
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Thanks for your reply. The lady didnt really say much tbh and I should have asked some more questions, but that didnt cross my mind. Ive just kept her on dry food today. Put one and a bit handfuls of dry food in her bowl this morning, and will put a bit more in later tonight. Not gonna chance giving her a pouch incase she is sick again. The rescue centre said tuna is ok as a treat as long as its in spring water as tuna in brine has way to much salt in it. We only buy it in spring water anyway because I cant stand brine! xx
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Silly ?? what pouches is he getting ...
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She is having Royal Canin Sensible 33 (As this is what she was fed on in the rescue centre, and the lady said that its one of the best dry foods out there) and the lady gave us some Perfect Fit In Home poultry pouches. She hasnt had a pouch as yet. Im just so comfused as this is my first time with a cat and dont want to end up making her poorly...
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WELCOME to TCS and to kitties ...

RC is a good brand , ingrediants vary somewhat by country I am in the USA ..... common cat allergens are fish , corn , soy, wheat
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UPDATE! Smudge has had a poop! She is eating normally and drinking well now! I think she is comfortable here now, as she has found my bed to lay in, not bothered about hers anymore lol
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Congratulations on your new friend! Sounds as if she's doing fine

It's hard not to worry, but being sick just the once occasionally is somewhat normal for cats and can be triggered by many things, a common cause is simply eating too fast! I bet she just really enjoyed the tuna Now if she were to repeatedly be sick, or be lethargic as well, that would be time to be concerned about it, but it sounds as if she's ok

Perfect Fit doesn't have enough meat content for my liking, one of my boys does love the gravy though so I get it occasionally, but wouldn't feed it long-term. It's better than Whiskas and Felix, but not that great. Much better to have a wet food with a high meat content such as Hi-Life (60%) or Nature's Menu (70%), they are available in Pets @ Home and bigger branches of Tesco, and the Tesco own brand Premium range wet food (I can't recall the exact name but check the ingredients for the one with highest meat content) is also OK. If you can order online, try, they do a good range of quality wet foods, I use Almo Nature, Applaws, Cosma, and Bozita. Bozita is especially good value at less than 20p per meal

The Royal Canin you are feeding is a good dry food, but I do feel it's important for their health, especially their kidneys, to have either an all wet or a half wet half dry diet.
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Im so glad I joined this forum, I havent got a clue lol

We have only got 4 pouches of perfect fit left, and wondered whether to change it or not. Thank you ever so much for your advice. We are going to order the stuff online as it seems a lot cheaper. Is it ok to get a few different types of wet food and see which ones she likes best? I was going to just stick to the ones that the rescue centre gave us, but I think its nice to have something different once in a while.
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Welcome to TCS and the wonderful world of cats. I assure you, your life will never be the same. The joy you get from your kitty will amaze you. I also want to thank you for getting a kitty from a rescue. I'm a big fan of giving homeless cats a chance. I'm wondering if your new baby was just to excited or nervous the first day. We know how wondeful a new loving home is for a cat, but all they know is that they are someplace new. Your doing the right thing by asking around here. I agree that R.C. is a great dry food. Welcome and Good luck with your new baby!
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