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Hair Loss (no itchiness, eczema, etc)

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hi, my cat (Jerry- domestic shorthair) is currently suffering from hair loss. he isn't stressed and he doesnt have any redness or lumps or anything, his skin looks perfectly healthy (apart from being bald).

he went to the vets with it about a year ago and he was given depomedrone and ovarid tablets. it seemed to go away for a while but the problem has returned. our pet insurance wont cover for an existing condition that is over 12 months old, so ive cancelled that.

the vets said he had milliary dematitis, but from reading different sites on the internet im not so sure. i gather with hair loss its a bit of trial and error.

can anyone recommend any treatments for this?

i need to get new insurance, will an insurer cover a pre-existing condition (im guessing not.)

thanks for your help, kristian
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no advice on this issue but I'd be interested to see how it progresses.

keep us posted.

I wonder if it could be a food allergy?
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What is he eating???

are you in a area where something is blooming >???
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hi, when you ask what he's eating do you want brand names? he's just eating biscuits and meat. biscuits tend to be supermarkets own brand and meat varies. all depends on where we shop but he doesnt eat the same thing week in week out. i dont think theres any blooming or anything. i should mention that his twin brother is perfectly fine and healthy.
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yes I was looking for brands to see about common allergens that they may have ...
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he's had all sorts of brands over the time that he's seen hair loss. at the moment he is on felix pouches and asda biscuits, but next week he could be on coop biscuits and whiskas. he also has bicuits from tesco (in fact we get the big bag so lots from tesco). he has biscuits (the complete dry meal) alot more than he has meat. he doesnt have milk very often, usually only water.
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Are you in a DRY area ???
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hi, do you mean is there are any bodies of water near where i live? if so then no there isnt.
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NO I mean a lack of humidity ...
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hi, no im pretty sure there isnt. although we do have storage heaters in our maisonette which give off a very dry heat.
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sometimes hair loss can be from a too dry house ...
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ok. i'll stick some bowls of water around if i can. problem is they'll just end up drinking it! though i dont suppose it'll matter as long as its clean tap water.

is there anything i can treat him with? i know i could just go to the vet (and will likely have to) but i resent paying £25 for a consultation fee when i know all i need is a prescription for £10 worth of tablets!
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some suggest bathing ... check the grooming forum youll get loads of info ...
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I don`t really know what to suggest as a treatment but I have a similar problem with one of my cats.

Do you have flat topped radiators? I put small tubs of water on top of mine to help with the dry air. I think you can buy things to hang over flat ones to hold water. Not sure where sells them though.

Is your cat`s hair falling out or is it being plucked out? Does he go outside?
Is it possible you can keep him on one brand of wet and dry for a few weeks so you can notice if it`s the food causing it?

Maybe you could ring your vets and explain that the problem has re-occured and see if they will give you a repeat prescription?

My cat is ripping fur out on his back. I`d just changed his food so put him back on his old food and the problem has continued so we are going to the vet tomorrow and I`ll let you know if he has any useful suggestions.

The thing is Kitty goes out and anouther cat has been seen hanging around who has a bald patch on it`s head, so I hope it`s not something catching and just coincidence. But I guess if your other cat is fine that`s not the problem your end.

Wish I could help more
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