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I found this photo...

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and I was'nt sure which catagory to put it in, if this is not right feel free to put it in the right place.

This is a Liger (Lion dad, Tiger mom), now this is 1 big cat! They reach 12 feet and weigh about 1000 pounds.

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That's incredible. The guy must be a midget. I've never seen a big cat that big at the zoos.
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No, he's a regular size guy, I saw a documentary that showed them, it said Zoo's won't accept them because they are cross breed with 2 animals that would never meet except for in captivity, they live on like certain animal preserves where Lions and Tigers live together, it also said that part of the reason they get so big is because lions get the growing gene from their lion dad and usually they get a gene from their mom that keeps the growing in check but since they have tiger mom's that don't have the gene to keep the growing in check the just grow.

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He's HUGE!
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That Liger is so cool looking! Hes gigantic
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WOW!!!! Think about how much kitty litter he uses! Gorgeous cat.
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That is one big kitty!!
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That is one huge, yet beautiful kitty!!!
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I've seen this picture before. It's amazing!!! I would be so worried to be around that animal! I saw him on Animal Planet with the Liger, he said Liger are much friendlier than either lions or tigers How strange.
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Wow, now thats cool and worth while to pay to see in a Zoo!
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It's the biggest of the "big cats", but since it doesnt happen naturally in the wild it's not recognized.

The opposite is called a Tigon.

That guy is a tall guy, Ligers are just huge!

Here's one with a mane.
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Yeah...not exactly a house kitty, hahaha!
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cripes that's HUGE!

Don't want to stumble across one of those in the middle of the night.
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Wow, that cat is amazing Beautiful too
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Holy Cat. I wouldnt want to get on kitties bad side. He is beautiful though!
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I have seen this Liger before, I also met Doc Antle, the guy in the picture, at the FCF covention I attended in the summer of 2006.
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WOW thats one huge kitty
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Must cost a fortune to feed the darned thing!
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