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what does your cat go nuts over?

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With Booja it is paper, any kind, if she can she tears into toilet paper, paper towels, once my daughter actually had to tell the teacher "my cat ate my homework" after she had torn into it.
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Sonic - till receipts and lottery tickets, he can play with them for hours at a time!

Radar - feet and footwear
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Monster LOVESS clothes, hands, feet. But his thing is going in the hamper and taking dirty balled up socks & hiding them. He loves dirty clothes for some reason. & another thing is stuffed animals. He has a couple that I made his, & its hilarious to see him carrying them around! Lol!!
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My cat, King, loves my rubberbands and scrunchies. I keep them in a jar on my counter in the bathroom. Every morning, he jumps up there, digs around in the jar until he finds just the right one, and runs off with it. Some days he will even bring it back and drop it in the jar after he's had enough! My other cat, Sam, loves his little blue, fuzzy ball. He carries it with him everywhere, and has a fit if he bats it under the sofa and can't get it out. We have to lift up the sofa at least twice a night for him to retrieve it!
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Faith: Laser Pointers, mousies, crinkly balls

Brazil: Feather toys, and other long interactive toys, cat nip, crinkly balls

Martha: she's kind of indifferent to most everything...
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All of our cats go nuts over Valerian Root- its more intense than catnip o.o

Mynah likes to play with her squeaky squirrel, she kicks it up with her hind legs and prances around with it.

Bob LOVES his string toy on a pole with leather pieces at the end.

Olley likes the laser pointer.

Genesis just likes mommy time, she really hasn't ever been one to play with toys.
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Anything that makes noise when it falls off the counter/table/shelf onto the floor. That means: bobby pins, coins, earrings, pens, dishes, books, bottles, tacks, jewellery boxes...! She also likes the plastic tabs from milk cartons and the plastic safety-rings from plastic water bottles.
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Mine both go BONKERS over the laser pointer and just adore the crumpled up pieces of paper. Shoelaces are another thing which can entertain them for hours!
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Friday: laser pointer, yarn, my hairbands and anything moving under the covers.

Saturday: feather toy thingy, anything crinkly, paper, and anything that makes a noise.
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Hubby hooked up a honeysuckle stuffed mouse to a fishing rod and Bijou goes crazy for that. He squats and waits for us to "cast" the mouse down the hall and goes tearing after it and then as we reel it in he tries to catch it. If we get tired of playing and put it down, he'll grab the mouse in his mouth and drag the fishing pole to the kitchen, bedroom or wherever we happen to have gone and drop it at our feet to let us know he still wants to play. He even brought it in and dragged that heavy fishing pole onto our bed one night.
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Pepper is fascinated by anything and everything... I guess it's because she's only 6 months old. If I leave anything laying around - an empty water bottle, the toilet paper, my keys, a peice of paper... the REMOTE - she goes for it. I hope it's a stage...
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Shark - Laser pointer, pieces of paper, tassels on clothing and if you wriggle a pen in front of her she will grab hold of it and chew it.

Arwen - Laser pointer, sweet wrappers, pieces of foil rolled into balls, tassels on clothing and also pens if wriggled in front of her.

Brandy - Never really plays with anything any more, he seems to have outgrown playtime
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My cat goes nuts for foil, plastic, tape, and lint roller paper. The latter is really disgusting, especially when it is filled with lint and fur.
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Oreo- any stuffed toy or animal. She grabs them in her mouth and goes around doing a "war cry" until she finds you for some praise. What is funny is when she takes things like my son's Mickey Mouse that is her size and she carries it around.
Snickers- balls of all kinds
Jazz - He loves about anything. Especially fake mice.
Tosh - anything that has cat nip.
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My Brady loves balls especially a little golf wiffle ball. He will bat one around for an hour at a time. He likes to put them under things like the hassock or a desk and try to get them out. He also loves a feather wand toy that is similar to Da bird. Mia only likes the laser someone gave me. I use it sparingly as I'm afraid she'll go coocoo.
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They both go nuts for ink pens.
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Hmmm. I'd have to say.. Buster loves laser pointers and automatic litter boxes a lot. He loves to sit and watch the litter box work. Hahaha.

He also will go INSANE.. Over food. He's a porkster. He will wail if you are anywhere near him with a can of tuna.

And he hates cups that are upright. Full or empty, he has made it his duty to knock over any cup that dare stand up straight. He has to knock them not only over, but off of whatever table or counter they are on. They usually also end up under the futon, with a huge trail of liquid behind them. This drives my boyfriend CRAZY.

He adores his catnip squirrel. He goes insane playing with it. Oh, and anything that I happen to be doing all seems to be some part of an elaborate game to him. He will sit there staring at me from across the room, waiting for me to make my next move. No matter what I do, he prepares to rush in to check it out or pounce for the kill. He often rushes right up to me as if I had been some kind of prey, and then immediately runs right off. He's funny.
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Kisa May loves her busy mice. She treats then as real (since she's a mouser) and will toss them in the air and bite the tails off.

She also love package peanuts.

She did have a lazer pointer, but after a few minuets she got afraid of it and would run away.
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Originally Posted by Zenoah View Post
Kisa May loves her busy mice. She treats then as real (since she's a mouser) and will toss them in the air and bite the tails off.
At the risk of being overprotective (if there is such a thing), please make sure that she doesn't eat the tails once she bites them off. Ingesting them (and similar objects) could cause an obstruction which sometimes can only be fixed through surgery. You might already be aware of this but maybe some other members can learn something.

Some people here have suggested removing the tail before allowing the cat to play with the toy mouse.
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Ahh okay.
Well it's rare that she does, and when we do find them we throw them away. Thanks for that bit of info.
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They love toilet paper, paper towels, the printer (yep, when something's printing Molly has to run to it and sometimes bats at the paper coming out), bottle caps, jingly balls, feather sticks, rubber bands, bits of paper, shoelaces, anything else that jungles or is small enough to bat around, including things that have caused me to freak out and immediately confiscate. They love bags and boxes, too.
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My crew will play with...well...anything that is laying around. They aren't picky...bottle caps, dust balls, the dogs tail..anything that moves they are on it.

The cutest thing I have ever seen though is my MIL's cat. She is normally very shy and laid back. In fact we normally don't see her when we go over. Unless you have any change and put it on the counter. She hears that she will come running! Needless to say, those pennies are lost for ever! First, they get batted around, then somehow she gets them in her mouth (after she's done chasing them all over) and carries them one by one to her litter box...where she buries them! I think she was a pirate in her previous life!

*ummm...MIL DOESN'T collect the change shen she scoops the box...not yet anyway!*
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Matilda - catnip

Chloe - shoelaces, feet, treats, wires
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Both my cats go crazy over hay and grass. Like if one of them is laying on the table and I walk by with a box full for the Guinea Pigs they will run after me to try to get it, I dont let them have any though. They also go crazy if I bring a hand full of grass into the Guinea Pigs, that they do get a bit of. Hank goes crazy if he sees the Hamster out but doesnt even notice her if she is in her cage. They go some mouses for Christmas that they went crazy over, they kept un-wrapping them.
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Mine tend to go nuts for almost anything! If it moves,they want it! Benji also really likes my tongue barbell! If I stick it out of my mouth,he jumps up and tries to get it!

They also love balls,those furry mice,toys on strings...etc!
Oh and treats! You cannot even move the package without both of them running in!
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mine go mad over cardboard boxe's & plastic bag's! don't know why LOL, keep's them occupied though
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my arm pit smell...weird i know but he sleeps in my armpit after a hard days work.
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I had to tell students once that my cats ate THEIR homework. I was able to grade it, but just barely. This was when my cats were kittens, I left things to grade on the kitchen table, and the cats pushed the papers onto the floor, chewed them, and they got wet (maybe in water bowls? I don't remember).

My now, Artemis goes crazy when reflections dance around the wall. Oddly, Artemis doesn't like the laser pointer as much as Athena. But reflections she loves. She also loves living things; insects in the house and staring at birds and mammals outside.

Athena doesn't really go crazy about "prey" items, although she does play.
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Wine corks and beer caps. She will bat them around for HOURS!! I knew my wine cork collection would come in handy someday!! too bad there are probably about 300 corks/bottle caps under the stove by this point....
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Pretty much caps of any kind they love to bat around and play with.

Also, the sound of the can opener My kitty is hoping it is chicken soup, his favorite. He gives me a funny look if he discovers that it's just a can of green beans of something

He also loves packing peanuts. And all my cats have to come and sniff any new package that enters the house.

Juzon loves to lick the ends of cardboard and other odd materials. She also chews on loafs of bread, so we have to keep them up in the cupboard out of reach
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