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they are trying to catch up to you kass!
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Originally posted by Kiwideus
they are trying to catch up to you kass!
And look at you missy!! One month difference in our registration and you have way,way more posts than me! I remember at one point you were only 200 - 300 more than me!

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My mom used to have dreams that her clock radio was transmitting very important messages, and she would wake Dad up in the middle of the night to tell him about it. He finally learned that if he just said "Ok dear. Yup, you're right" she would go back to sleep. I've only had a couple of those types of dreams. The first time I was still living at home and I dreamt that there was a bear in my room. Well, our dog Felicia was sleeping with me, and was I reached over in my sleep I felt her really coarse back hair and freaked out and of course, Felicia left my room. Still mostly asleep, I went into my parent's bedroom to tell Dad that there was a bear in the house, but at the last minute changed it to "there's an animal in the house" (I must have woke up enough to realize I was nuts). So Dad goes trapsing through the house trying to find this animal that I saw, which was really our dog. Poor Dad. I admitted the next morning that I must have had a dream like Mom's. Fortunately he was used to that!

For weird dreams, the ones I remember take the cake.

I had a recurring nightmare when I was younger (from about 5 years old to about 15) that our dog turned into this monster-dog (still looked the same but drooled and bared her teeth), who also said she was a "shark" in a real demonic voice and then came to kill us all. But if she just bit you, you would turn into a "shark" too. That's what happened to my sister.

I had a dream that all the postal carriers had become demonic dogs who all looked like my dog at the time, Felicia. You had to stay inside when the mail was being delivered because if the demon postal dogs caught you outside they would kill you.

(Almost all of my nightmares have dogs in them, and usually my current or past pet dogs. Very strange because I'm not scared of dogs at all.)

The strangest one of all, though, took place in the Old West, and I was riding a talking horse. We came upon an Indian ceremony where a disemboweled white buffalo, about 20 feet tall, was jumping around a fire. I got an Indian guide to help me cross a mountain, but we couldn't cross this one fence. As we were going up the mountain, the horse made me get off and walk because he was getting tired. I told the guide that the snow was really deep, and he replied "And warm too!" and that's when I realized that I was barefoot and had stepped on a dead body.

Told ya I have strange dreams!! My best friend told me I needed professional help. LOL I think she was kidding.
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i know, im a real chatterbox
im so embarrassed

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I go in cycles of remembering dreams. Sometimes I remember just that I dreamt, not the dream itself.

I have several types of dreams which occur fairly often. I used to have recurring dreams of tornados. Scary! Recently, I have had several dreams of exploring a large house. Some of the rooms are dark, and it is possibly haunted, but I still go poking around.

I used to have dreams that I was in public, and suddenly my skirt was gone, or my shirt.

One time, I was in danger in my dream, and I somehow realized I was dreaming and saved myself.
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Even though I have never been suicidal, I had a very vivid dream where I committed suicide. I was sitting with my stainless Ruger 357 in my mouth, and my s/o and this girl I hate were standing there watching me. I pulled the trigger, and felt the life draining away, and watched them turn and walk away. I didn't sleep for weeks after that. To this day I still don't talk to that girl.
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