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what is the weirdest dream you've ever had?

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the weirdest dream i've ever had was this...

have you seen the movie se7en? i was all seven victims in that movie. strange, because the guy played by kevin spacey just couldn't kill me, i kept surviving.

still a little unnerving, though...
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yikes thats unnerving!
What a great idea for a thread.
i am always having weird dreams so i will start with the one i had last night - i dreamed that i was a military strategist for a battle like they have in medieval times, knights, etc - it was a reunification war to try and oust the bad guys and there was someone in the dream, if she put on a cape, she would become evil and we had to defeat her first so that we could actually battle because she was scaring my soldiers. The castle had this big moat but it looked like there was no water, just a bottomless pit, and someone wanted to see how deep it was, so he threw a stone into the moat and it bounced right back up. Then the war starts, and we win, defeating the bad guys, and once the war was over, everybody went home in yellow school buses and my bus driver was mad at me because he lost his hand in battle and he couldnt find it.

Sooo weird!!!!!

I often have dreams that I have been shot and am bleeding and dying. they are the ones that really scare me.
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What a fun thread! I'm lucky-I remember my dreams almost every night.

I used to have a recurring dream when I was a kid, the day before school started. My family and I were at a haunted house attraction, but it was really haunted. In the basement was a real-sized train track (not a toy). My brother fell on the tracks when the train was coming (the train was a ghost, if that makes sense), but it jumped over him. The rest of the house was like a haunted house, but the vampires, werewolves, ghosts, etc. were real. Finally, we slid out of the attic on a giant slide into the garden, where man-eating plants tried to kill us.

Looks like I was anxious about school, huh?

I also once had a dream about a giant slug that was on a rampage like Godzilla. Another dream found me in a toy box. I had been somehow miniaturized. Something was chasing me, and the toy monkey with cymbals was banging his cymbals. When I woke up, I could still hear that sound.
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When i was in college i had a dream where it was morning and i couldent tell if it was time to get up because the clock was showing an algebra equation and i had to solve it to tell what time it was.
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i have a recurring weird dream. actually, i think it is a pretty common dream for people, but anyway...

i am at school (sometimes high school, sometimes college) and i suddenly realize i have forgotten all semester i am taking a certain class (usaully math). i rush to this class only to find out i have a major test that day and i am obviously not prepeared.
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The weirdest dream I had occured when my little brother was just a baby. I dreamt that one day he was in his walker and he looked over the edge to see the floor. For no reason at all his head rolled off and he died. Then instead of having a funeral for him, his head was given to a museum and put in a display case. Next to it was a little sign the said "the only baby whose head rolled off"

Needless to say this dream freaked me out, I was only like 6 or 7 years old.
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I usually don't remember dreams at all, but I had a weird dream a few days after I had to put my 14 year old cat, Midnight, to sleep in August 2001.

**First some background information about Midnight. She was an indoor only cat who was completely blind during her last few months.**

In this dream Midnight was having a very difficult time adjusting to being at the Rainbow Bridge. She hated being outside, and hated walking on grass. Whenever a Bridge animal went running to meet it's recently deceased owner, Midnight was knocked over because she was refusing to use her restored eyesight. She was having other problems also, and she wanted to leave the Rainbow Bridge and come back home. This was considered a serious emergency and I was allowed to go to the Bridge ahead of time to comfort Midnight. It was an extremely nice place, I spent a day with her there and we were able to have conversations in English, so I was able to calm her down. Then I went back into my body, I guess.

When I had this dream it really did seem like it was actually happening, and I know that's impossible.
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Jan i have had that same exact dream and still do!

Lorie D, what a special dream. Who is to say it diddent realy happen.

(sorry, i dont know how to use the quote thing yet)
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I dream of a snake biteing me and I die! It;s no wonder I hate snakes!!! I don;t even watch them on TV!
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The weirdest dream I ever had was that I had this really crappy job. I hated it! I was a secretary and filed and answered the phones all day, yuck. Finally, the brother of my then-bf came and 'rescued' me. And I didn't even say goodbye to the hookers I was working for.

I don't like my xbf's brother that way, so I have no idea where that came from!
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I vividly recall several dreams from my childhood because they were so whacked! LOL

I'll share this one:

I was in a small room with dark wood paneling (sp). There was a square hole in one wall; I crawled inside it and found myself edging ever upward (think of crawling in a heating duct). It was very dark, very tight (do *not* give me any womb references, please--LOL) and there were spider webs.

When I got to the end of the inclined tunnel, there was a hatch door, which I opened. I stepped out, felt around and found a doorknob. When I opened that door, I found myself in my bedroom. (The hatch door had been the top of my clothes hamper, and the door I opened was to my closet.) When I looked out the window, my room was floating high in the sky, which was rather neat.

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Y'all are going to think I'm crazy but I'll share it anyways.

I'm in this house, I don't know if I lived in it or I was visiting friends. I sensed that something wasn't right. Then I saw these ghosts of people that had been murdered in the house. Evidently there had been a mass murder by shooting. Well all of a sudden the ghosts began to materialize (turn into a solid state) and starting reinacting the murder with real guns. At this point I'm standing a couple of feet from the front door. The main door was opened but there was a screen door. I looked toward the screen door and two "ghosts" cam walking up with shot guns and started to shoot me. Then I woke up.

Very wierd. I was very upset when I woke up.
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I always have weird dreams.

I had one that featured myself and mysister as teenagers (had the dream 6 months ago). My mom had placed us in an insane asylum (sp?) that was set up in a mansion. My sister was the crazy one and I was just there to keep her company. She really wanted out, so we saved our meds to drug the nurse. One guy was going to tell so my sister somehow got a big knife and killed him (ick). She drugged the nurse and we snuck by the monitoring station. We walked down the grand stairway right to the doors and started out, but a bus load of children where coming for a "tour" - I wanted to tell them that is how my parents stuck us there. We went to our right instead to try to escape that way, but there was a charity car wash for a boys hockey team and the team was Singing Oh Canada. Since we didn't have a car to was we went down a back all that was having a TTC (Toronto Transit - bus driver) convention. I woke up at this point!

I have dreams like that all the time.
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BTW - I love hearing about other peoples dreams - it fascinates me!
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Has anyone had a lucid dream? That is where you are aware that you are dreaming but you can control what is going on as if you were awake?

That's only happened to me once. I was dreaming that I was in bed, and there were a bunch of balloons in the corner by my closet. I remember thinking "This can't be real, I don't have balloons". The dream kept on going, however. One balloon drifted towards my bed, and I controlled the way it went with my mind. I blew it up by pointing at it and saying "Bang". The rest followed, but the last blew up on my sheets. It caught fire, but I put it out by saying "There's no fire here".

It was really cool, although it doesn't sound like much. I'd like to have the same kind of experience again.
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okeefecl - i have had the dream in which i dreamed that i was at a high place and i thought to myself, if i jump and land on the bottom i will be able to know if i die in my dreams or not and so i jumped and i could see everything when i landed, and i was laying there for a while looking at my surroundings, then i woke up
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do you ever have dreams where you know you are asleep so you make yourself wake up?

or ones where you know you are asleep so you make yourself wake up but then you are still asleep dreaming you are awake?

(yeah - i'm warped)
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jan, yup you are warped and yup i have had those dreams - i have very vivid dreams almost every night.

have you ever had a dream that came true?
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yes, but only the "falling asleep dreams". you know the ones you get get when you are drifting towards sleep?
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has anyone ever had the kind of dream that has made them do something in their sleep?
for example, one night, i dreamed that our bed was tipping sideways and it felt so real that i was pulling hubby up to prevent him from falling off the bed - he woke up and wondered what the hell i was doing LOL
he has had the same kind of dream also - one night i woke up with him grabbing me by the shoulders and holding me down - it freaked me out and he woke up as he thought i was falling 'up' from the bed and was trying to hold me down onto the bed.
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have you ever had a dream that came true?
Twice, but one was rather indirect.

The first was that I dreamed I had lost somebody very close to me. I remember crying in the dream, and when I woke up I felt like I had been crying (stuffy nose, swollen face, sore throat, etc.). My boyfriend at the time (who spent the night with me) mentioned how upset I was when I woke up. Less than an hour later, my father called to let me know that my grandmother had passed.

The second happened the night before I was to fly to Baltimore from Cleveland to see my boyfriend (not the same as above). I dreamed that he broke up with me, which really happened. I think I knew before that day that my boyfriend and I would break up (from the conversations we'd had over the phone), so I don't think that much of the dream. But, the dream I had before my grandmother died is a bit more spooky. She had been in perfect health until she passed (in her sleep).
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I love talking about dreams. It's fascinating!
I seem to go through periods of dreaming. It's weird, but when I seem to have alot of deja vu experiences during the day, I end up dreaming that night.

Here's my dream.

The dream always starts out with me walking home from public school. I am approaching my apartment building and I look up to see the whole building is covered in ash and burned. But you can still see the outline of the building and each apartment unit. I look up to see my mother in our apartment sitting in a rocking chair knitting in the middle of all the ashes! Really weird.

So I enter the lobby of the building and go to the elevator. I get in the elevator and there are no buttons to push to select what floor you want to get off at. So then I freak and the elevator returns to the lobby and I get out. Then I run to the staircase and I figure I'll walk up to my apartment (but the inside of the building isn't burnt). I'm in the staircase but their is no 10th floor where my apartment should be.

I've had this dream for 10 years and nothing ever changes.

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oh yeah. two summers ago i was on a drug called amaytryptiline (sp) for migraines (used to treat chronic pain and stress disorders -- i've heard it mentioned for cats here). what they didn't tell me was one of the side effects is nightmares.

for two days i had been walking cornfields with another guy hooked up to a gps receiver and we were being followed by another guy on a mower with a 6 foot cutting deck. the corn was way over our heads and my job was to make sure the guy on the mower didn't hit my coworker.

so for a week after this job, had dreams about cornfields and being lost or being buried by corn stalks. one night i woke myself up by jumping out of bed screaming at the top of my lungs "oh sh**! oh sh**! oh sh**!"

that same summer i would wake up jumping out of bed and crash into my nightstand because i was dreaming that a red dragon was circling over me and i was trying to get away.

and they use this stuff to treat stress?!
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I always have this weird dream about trains. I don't know why. I'm not in danger or anything, but the train is following me. The only thing is, it's not going fast. It's going at a snail's pace, and the colour of the sky is usually pink. And then when I reach the city limits, the sun rises and the sky turns yellow, and the train is gone. It's really weird. (And I swear I'm not on any strange/illegal drugs!).

I often have a dream where I am slipping on ice, and it actually causes me to flail around in my sleep, trying to "keep my balance".
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Speaking of jumping out of bed, I'm a really bad sleepwalker and talker. Rob has a million stories of me doing weird things in my sleep.

I usually do this when I'm stressed. In the middle of the night I'll try to pull all the sheets off the bed because of 'huge spiders' or I'll jump to Rob's side of the bed because of owl attacks!! I've moved objects like lamps from the living room into the bathroom.

I never remember this, Rob has to give me a report of my 'night actions'

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Originally posted by Russian Blue
I usually do this when I'm stressed. In the middle of the night I'll try to pull all the sheets off the bed because of 'huge spiders' or I'll jump to Rob's side of the bed because of owl attacks!!

i dream there are snakes or mice in the bed. i can't fall back to sleep until i am sure there is nothing in the bed.
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But at least you wake up!!

I don't I'm still in a dream state and I continue on my merry way!! It's crazy! I'll even turn the lights on in the bedroom and go back to sleep. Rob will wake up and ask me why the lights are on, but I'll be asleep and have no recollection.

I think I should get my own bedroom!

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that reminds me, i had just moved into my place back in NZ and my furniture had not arrived yet so i borrowed my roomates cot and i set it up and i was barely drifting off (half asleep, half awake, but asleep enough to dream) and i dreamed that there was a huge spider hanging right in front of my face and i screamed that my roommate came running in and i made her look for the spider - she must have thought to herself 'what am i getting myself into???'
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Originally posted by Russian Blue
But at least you wake up!!

I don't I'm still in a dream state and I continue on my merry way!! It's crazy! I'll even turn the lights on in the bedroom and go back to sleep. Rob will wake up and ask me why the lights are on, but I'll be asleep and have no recollection.

I think I should get my own bedroom!

i know it shouldn't be funny... sorry!
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Originally posted by Auburn412

i know it shouldn't be funny... sorry!
It is funny. I'm just too crazy when the night falls!

Hey! How did you get 738 posts. Gheee...I get sick for a couple of days and people are spamming like crazy.

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