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Problem after pooping in the litter box!

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My sweet cat, who is 6 years old and I adopted about a month and a half ago is doing something weird. Sometimes when he goes to the litter box to poop he comes out and "cleans" himself on the floor next to the litter box by scratching or rubbing himself against the floor. my roommate and I noticed that there were some suspicious stains on the floor... soon found out the reason. He seems to go well to the litter box but I wonder if he's sick or something. Thanks!
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He might be getting poop stuck to his butt and it feels weird so he's trying to wipe it off, or he's having a hard time expressing his anal glands.

What would you say the consistancy is with his poop? if it's on the softer side using a higher fiber food or even better quality [depending what you feed] would be a good route to go as that would make the poop firmer and he would be more likely to express is own anal glands.
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Thanks for the response! I clean the litter box every day and the consistency of his poop is normal I'd say. I think that he went on a change of diet with some fols who hosted him for a little bit. He's eating Pet Promise for older cats and I give him sometimes wet treats. What do you mean about having a hard time expressing his anal glands? Should I change his food? thanks so much!
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No problem! The forums are here to be helpful When cats and dogs poop, they usually express their anal glands while doing so. Sometimes if their poop is on the softer side, they won't be able to express their anal glands. I think the food you're on is fine, and if the poop is firm and normal it's probably not an anal gland issue.

My own cat will do the butt drag thing if he gets poop stuck to his bum, even if it's only a little bit, so that could be the cause of your cats issue? The other thing too is you might take a poop sample to your vet and have them check it for parisites as he could maybe have some issues with worms that would also cause a butt scoot.
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Awesome! thanks! that's a great idea (taking a poop sample to the vet ) It's so funny to be talking so much about poop!
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Hahaha well I wish you luck!

Yeah, it's pretty funny talking about it. The things we learn!
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My little guy has always done this occasionally. I think he just gets a bit stuck on his bum and wants it off! We took a stool sample to the vet, everything was normal. We just keep a box of natural, unscented baby wipes handy, and Resolve stain cleaner will get anything out of carpet, furnature, etc.
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