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Cats are Addictive

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I never dreamed that we'd have more than one cat, at a time, in our family. The very idea of more than one cat never crossed my mind - I never understood why or how someone could have a house-full of cats.

Well, when my husband brought home 2 6-week old kittens - a brother and a sister - Boy! was I "scared"!

This web site helped calm my nerves, as well as all the great, helpful links found here. I was offered wonderful tips in bringing new cats into our home that already had one, wonderful, 2 year-old NM cat.

In April the kittens will be TWO years old - and I can't imagine life without them - all three of them. They each have their own personalities, ways of communicating, like, little Simon pats me on the shoulder, or head butts me when he wants food, little Phoebe does "fish flops", and big boy KiKi wraps his body around our legs so we can't walk --- well, I could go on and on - but, you -with more than one Furbaby- know exactly what I'm talking about.

Today, the thought came to me that having more than one cat, learning the differences, etc. makes me think about how easy it would be for someone to want as many cats as they could care for ... plainly - cats and their behavior are so interesting, and addictive - and, oh, the love! the cuddles!

Addictive in the sense that I'm curious about what it would be like to get to know yet another, different, personality. I'm finding it hard to explain - these creatures are something to marvel over. I mostly marvel over God's handiwork in His creation(s) and that we are so blessed to have all three in our lives.

Maybe someone else can help me express my feelings better - ? - or maybe you're calling the men in the white coats - glad you don't have my address!
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I agree that cats are addictive and marvelous creatures!! They are there for you on your bad days, in your worst moments! They dont get angry at you for silly things, and they never hold a grudge! They are the purrrfect best friends! I can't imagine life without them! It would be so boring! When my kids get the better of me, or my DH, the cats are always there to show me some love! They can sence when Im stressed and always try to make it better! Not like kids or DH's, who try to egg you on to make you madder! When they know they've done something wrong they normally are cute about the way they are doing it too! Like when they steal my blush brush and play with it! Its almost too cute to take away from them! They hide while they're doing it and when they get cought they run and hide! And oh yeah, they never lie to me either!!
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I know just what you mean! We always had one cat at a time, and "suddenly" LOL, we have five. They all have their stories, and needed homes in their own way. They also each light up our lives in their special ways.
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We seem to have started a collection

I was fairly resistant to the idea of having a cat at all at first! So glad I let myself be convinced. Number 3 arrived yesterday, and is now out from under the bed
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Addictive is an under-statement.

I adopted Chloe only 5 weeks after adopting Matilda. When I adopted Matilda, it never even entered my mind that I might have more than 1 cat at the same time. The only reason I adopted a cat in the first place was because I wanted a pet and didn't have room for a dog.

I would like to adopt a 3rd sometime next year (2009) after I move and am more settled and hopefully have a larger place to live. (At the moment, vet expenses for a 3rd cat are just not something I can afford, especially since I want a senior cat).

4 is my max. I think.

I'm lucky that my SO loves cats. He had 3 growing up (2 were stray pets/rescues, 1 was a kitten from his uncle's barn cat).

Sometimes I just look at both of my cats who are so different from each other and I'm just amazed by their own unique little personalities. I feel so lucky to have them.
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Im addicted to cats... But we can never have lots at once. As much as we want more kitties, we cant afford to pay fur all the food - The 2 cats I've got are plenty
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It started innocently here, we passed a "free kitten" sign and stopped. Then we took in a litter of orphaned kittens and kept one. Then we found more in need of homes, and it pretty much just snowballed out of control from there, LOL.
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Originally Posted by glitch View Post
They dont get angry at you for silly things, and they never hold a grudge!
HA!! You haven't lived with all the cat personalities! I've had mine get angry with me and I've had mine hold a grudge!

Cat personalities are fascinating. My situation is even more interesting in the fact that many of them come from the same feral colony and many are related. It intrigues me that personality traits can be carried in their genes. We have adopted out siblings of the ones that live with me and often visit those cats. Even though they were raised in completely different environments, it amazes me how many traits they have in common.

Look at my siggie. Yes, I'm addicted.
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Yes they are.....very addictive! i have had cats all my life and CAN NOT imagine life without them. they make super companions! At one point we had 7 cats LOL too bad I do not have pix. back then no digi cams....and my scanner is broke. I have to get them up somehow
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