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Friday DT

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Just checking in quickly.

I'm off to the hospital. Not sure what's going on. I was cleaning my ears (yes...I used a Q-tip) Now, I can't feel the left side of my face and I can't hear at all out of my left ear. Yikes! this has never happened to me before. Scary....I do not like this feeling!

Wish me luck. Hubby claims they will probably use a syringe and try to un-block my ear. Hopefully that is all that happened.

So much for a nice hair day. I can imagine what I'll look like after they do what they have to do!!!! :LOL:

Have a great day everyone. Hope to have a chance to come here today sometime.

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Yikes Ghys! Are you okay? I didnt know that a q-tip can do that - i use them all the time (((HUGS)))
i had the weirdest dream last night, that i was some kind of military strategist for one of those wars that they had in medieval times. I think I have been playing suikoden 3 for too long!
I dont think i have any plans for today, but thank goodness for friday!

Have a great day everybody!
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Ghys, I Hope they get your ear unblocked! That is an awful feeling, I've had that happen. Using a Q-Tip can be dangerous if you go too far in, it can actually puncture your ear drum if you are not careful.

TGIF everyone!
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Ghys - I hope everything goes all right. I use Q-tips all the time too. Hopefully it will just be some wax blocking things up.

Kiwideus - All week I have been plauged by very odd and sometimes terrifying dreams. The other day I had a dream that I was being chased by some Aiel. For those of you who don't know about them, they are a race in the Wheel of Time series. It was odd.

It is supposed to be a bit warmer here today, I think we might crack the freezing mark. That should be good, but I hear there is snow in the forecast for parts of the weekend. Thank goodness March is nearly here, that menas spring is just around the corner.

Anyone doing anything fun for Mardi Gras?
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i forgot to mention, at the end of the battle, all the knights/soldiers went home in those yellow school buses.
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Well, yeah Kellye - its too far to walk in all of that equipment!

Ghys, using Q-Tips just packs the wax down, farther and harder. Didn't your mother tell you to never put anything in your ear, except for your elbow? Seriously, though, when I worked pediatrics, we used a WaterPik, to clean kids' ears out. It tickles.

Another bad night. I woke up at 1:00 and couldn't get back to sleep. It was too cold to grab more than one quick smoke. Thank goodnes, for solitaire! Finally, dozed off, around 3:00. This was after kicking the cats out of bed 3 times. THEY wanted to wrestle between my feet.

Hope every one has a good weekend.
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It's going to be in the 30's!Ya,Ya!!!! I might go shopping! Need a new scanner.and underware. Maybe I'll get some sexy ones! Have a good TGIF!
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thats true Cindy, can't imagine how those knights felt walking around in all that metal gear - some places, its gotta pinch!!! OUCH!
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ghys - good golly! i hope you are okay! please don't injure that lovely brain of yours!

kellye - funny dream! i have weird ones all the time. sometimes i think it is my greatest form of entertainment. hey good inspriration for a new thread!

cindy - i am sorry you are having such a hard time sleeping. hugs for you girl!

have fun shopping sherral!

i have never celebrated mardi gras. one of my friends tried to convince me to go to new orleans one year, but, frankly the idea of that wild of a party scares me. i went to a mardi gras like party a couple of years ago here in the quad cities (it's a cajun festival we have every summer) and it's a blast. lots of beads and whatnot. i didn't flash anyone, but one of my friends' wives did!

i finally reached 700 but not much else new today. happy friday!
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I'm back!! Thanks for all your well wishes.

It was quite the experience. By the time I got to the hospital, the numbness had travelled down my neck into my shoulder. I more or less felt like I'd gone to the dentist and he froze something he should not have! LOL (I can laugh now!!!)

He had a hard time with my ear but he was finally able to un-block it for me. He used a HUGE syrunge/plunger looking thing but it did not work at first. He was about to send me home with a few home remedies to try and then i was to return on sunday (apparently, the blockage was sealed tight and the canal was too narrow) He tried one last time and it worked! I can hear again.

From what we can conclude, there was water in my ear (I had just washed my hair) and when I used the Q-tip, I may have pushed the water in and it made the wax swell up. The wax then pushed up against a nerve and it caused this reaction. If the numbness and tingling is still there on sunday, he wants me back there regardless. I think everything will be fine though.

*whew* Enough excitement for me today!

I haven't had time to read all the posts yet! I'll be back...... Just wanted to let you all know I'm ok!!!
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I'm so happy they got you unblocked! That must be a horrible feeling to be numb from your face to your shoulder not to mention scary! I didn't know a Q-tip can do all of that! At least they fixed you I will pray that all will be well by Sunday.

I was teaching today. The advice I got from some of the teachers here really helped! I went with good exercise shoes this time and my feet are much better then they were at the end of last Friday. So, 2 meetings are over - 12 more to go... I am soooooooo tired though. I share your woes Cindy, I didn't get much sleep either last night, not sure why really and I just can't wait to get into bed tonight.

Hope you have a great weekend everyone!
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Oh Ghys - what a scare!!!! I hate to say this , but I don't use Q-tips. I use something that scoops, not pushes - like a bic pen top. It's perfect. It's not square at the end, it's rounded.... but as it is hard plastic, you just have to make sure you don't push it in too far....

Anne - a friend is a teacher (3rd grade) - I should have thought to mention the shoes. Glad it was more comfortable today.

Jan - congrats on the climbing number!!!!

Kellye - don't know the show, but sure sounds like a strange dream!

Luv Those Paws - I sure hope it gets above freezing for you. This has been the coldest winter on record here for quite some time. We busted freezing yesterday for the first time in weeks. FINALLY!!!!

Sherral - have fun shopping!

Cindy - I'm not sleeping either. I can barely keep my eyes open right now, and my eyelids hurt.

We had to head in to NYC today - had a number of meetings set up with these three potential firms we might move to. It's tiring and tough. I'm glad today is over!!!!!

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Glad to hear that today's thread is more positive than yesterday's.

One thing though... I made it to 200 (yay!), but my av of Willie is, well, teeny! I made it 50x50 (or thereabouts, it kept it's proportions), but it's teeny! Does anyone know what happened?
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Man - I was couging all day at work and people kept asking me "why are you here?" I had to keep saying that management begged me to come in and I have a hard time saying no, especially since I have to do role play with new trainees as of Tuesday. i spent the whole day creating role play scenerios (74 to be exact). I have 6 days of role play to do, 2 groups of 6 people for 3 days each - should be interesting. I will make them sweat a little and play a dumb or an irrate caller. All of the scenerios are work specific and required alot of research (I had to make sure I knew all about the problems).

You got to know I am feeling icky when I voluntarily stay home from a lacrosse game. It is charity auction night at the game to raise money for the special olympics. Hubby said he put a bid in for a game jersey from my fav player. I keep telling hubby that I will bring a sign to the game that says "will divorce hubby for Blaine Manning #16!"

Ghys - you have about as much luck with your health as I do!
Hope everyone has a good weekend!
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