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The newest tattoo (and my moms)

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So it was that time, I saved up for my tiger that I have wanted for so long and I finally had a full day off from both jobs that my shops opened so I had also talked my mom into going and getting another one and I would pay for it , it would be her birthday/mothers day gift and well she got what she wanted

Here is her tattoo (lower back)

And here is my tiger

These were taken as soon as we got home, mine took 2 1/2 to 3 hours to do, and my moms took almost 2 hours! My SIL also got one with my brothers name but I forgot my camera when we went

So what do you guys think, this is my fourth tattoo and the only one thats really big compared to the others, and this is my moms third tattoo (and way bigger than her other 2 she has a small heart with my dads name and a rose)
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Very nice!

I have 3 but they're smaller.. I'm too chicken to get one that big
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Nice Tats. I have 2 a Rose Armband in Memory of my Mom and a Cat. Both are on my arm.
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Wow - I'm afraid of the pain...did it hurt?
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Nice!! Im more of a piercing girl.... You name it, Ill pierce it!
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Those are awesome!!
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Its nice I like both of them.
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WoW I like them both...
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very nice... I like them both
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Can I ask a question. And I don't mean for this to sound mean if it comes out that way because there are no ill intentions here. But on the tiger on the far side on his face (right side if looking at the screen) is the suppose to be a paw? If so when it heals go back to your artist and talk to him. The paw kinda blends into the face and looks off.

Other than that its a great tat that one part looks off and has been bugging me but I did not know if I should say anything.
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Those are cool. I have three tats - they are so addictive! I have a chinese symbol for 'queen' on my right shoulderblade, a black circle with an ivy thingy with a cut out heart in the middle on my left shoulderblade, and a heart flowery thingy on my lower back. I want more!!
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Originally Posted by kluchetta View Post
Wow - I'm afraid of the pain...did it hurt?
When I got my lower back one they rubbed on some numbing stuff. All I felt was pressure. My last tattoo on my left shoulderblade hurt bad. They had to stop halfway through to give me water, and then turn a fan on me to keep me cool. I think part of my problem though was that I hadn't eaten... You shouldn't get a tattoo on an empty stomach - my bad
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Those are both very nice. The tiger is beautiful.
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those are beautiful I want to get some tribal art done.
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they are lovely!
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