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How strange pussycat?

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My Sheeba has done the sweetest thing ,the last couple of days .
Her favourite toy is a katnip mouse,she has always loved them and we keep a constant supply just for her,

The other day I noticed the mouse sitting beside her as she slept,it was placed so that she had one front paw across it,I thought how cute is that!
But wait there is more,that evening as I climbed into bed,there between us was one little grey mouse(not a real one,)I picked it up and took it out carefully placing it in her toy box.

next morning I looked down to see if sheeba was eating her brekky,and sure enough there beside her,while she ate was the little grey mouse.
Now about htis time I started to wonder what was going on ,she was eight now ,Was she thinking this was her baby,did she suddenly wish for kitties she never had.Just when I thought I had it all worked out,Horror,struck!

A murder had taken place right there in our very own home when i wasn't looking.there floating head down in the water bowl was the little grey mouse!
I scooped it patted it dry and carefully placed it back in the toy box,and to this day ,QUeen Sheeba has not been near it.

Has my little angel suddenly developed a dark side to her nature?
No never I tell myself,she's still as sweet as sugar as I replace the mouse with a katnip pillow!
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I don't think it was murder. Sheeba probably thought her mouse was thirsty.
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Or gave mouse a bath?
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then why didn't she take it out again?
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