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Patches (plus several more) taken by Pit Bulls

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On Saturday morning, my dear old cat Patches, who was 19 and still going strong, was killed by two Pit Bulls that were roaming the neighborhood.

Patches was a feral cat that we took in when she was 1 year old. She wasn't very nice until she was 12, but she was a good mouser and kept to herself. She was a stunning calico cat with a strong dose of torti-tude. When she got older and finally settled down a little, she started acting more like a house cat, including sleeping on laps.

In her old age, she stopped mousing, and started surveying her old territory on the front porch every morning before coming in to nap. It was really nice to finally see her understand that people were nice to sleep on. She would even rub up against you for attention, and she devotedly slept with my parents every night (unless my brother was home, in which case, she went straight to his room as soon as she heard his car come in).

She actually started becoming nice because my fiance was trying to torment her. She used to try to scratch everyone who pet her. He got fed up and said "Oh yeah? How do you like it?" and poked her head several times. She purred. He poked harder and faster. She purred harder and faster.

Amusing. All her life we tried to give her love by petting her gently down her back. All she really wanted was for us to beat her on her head. Go figure. After this event, she slowly started becoming sweet. Though she continued to be annoyed if you pet her down her back, and especially if you touched her tail. But head "beatings" were quite approved.

I still remember the first time she meowed, not for food or a door, but for attention. She kept yowling and circling around, and when I followed her, she didn't walk to a door or to the kitchen. So finally I picked her up. And she purred. My mom didn't believe that she had been meowing all afternoon simply because she wanted to be picked up and given a head scratch.

On Saturday, my parents let her out for her porch time. About 15 minutes later, they heard some strange thudding on the door. My dad went to the door to find two pit bulls had just attacked and killed Patches.

The dogs ran off, and he followed in the car. My mother called the police and animal control. Before the police could arrive, the dogs found two more cats, also sitting on their front porch. Both cats were killed.

My dad and the other cat owner were able to keep one dog around with some food. The other dog was not found, but all the neighbors were scrambling to find their children and cats.

I am so ANGRY! Patches was 19, but this was not how she was supposed to go. We were supposed to take her to the vet one day when her arthritis and kidneys finally got the best of her and let her go peacefully while being pet (or head thudded, in this case) by people who love her. She was not supposed to be attacked, scared and alone, by two vicious dogs.

The dogs had collars, BTW. Unfortunately, they did not have tags. I wish they did. I want to take their owners to court. Presumably the found dog was going to get put down at the shelter. That's really not justice though. The dog isn't at fault for being born. The owner is at fault for a) owning a vicious dog and b) letting it get out.

I just can't understand what IDIOT let their PIT BULL get out. What if it was Monday morning with the neighborhood kids walking to school? These $%$& dogs killed at least 3 cats that morning, and probably more.

I hate these dogs. I hate their owners.


And no one better flame me about how nice their pit bull is. Quite frankly, I don't give a %&!! right now.
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oh, i'm so sorry! there are no words... i feel for you & your family, losing her is such a horrid way! there are dogs [not pits] that roam free in my neighborhood, too - i wish they could be caught!
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OMG I am so sorry How scary and tragic for all of you...I hope they find the other dog. RIP Patches
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How tragic!

May the kittys RIP!!
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So sorry about the Cats. My old Neighbor here had one and she troed to attack my Cats through the Window. Stormy my Cat taht was Pts in Dec almost broke her back leg. We had gone somewhere and when we got Home taht Dog was there going after my Cats through a closed Window. We went inside and I heard screaming. She was hanging in the blinds by her back leg. We had to cut her out. Her leg was tripe its size. My other Cat Meeko was having a big fight with Coco. Cocos front paw was hurt bad too. She couldnt walk for almost 2 months on it. We complained to the office. The people were evicted. All their pets would cause trouble. We were scared of the Dog. My friend has a partPit and i hate the Dog. I told her it will turn on her one day. She already bit a 12 year old and her Condo said either the Dog goes or she does. She moved. They also have a infant there. I refuse to go in here place as long as that Dog is there.
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Thank you so much for your beautiful description of Patches. You made me laugh out loud reading your description of discovering she liked her head thumped.

We had a little black cat that was fierce like that. She was outside until she was five and we took her in. We had her two years before she purred and she never did let us pick her up. Touching her paws would get a hiss and a pretend bite. She died in 1994 and we still miss her.

I'm so sorry that you lost your beautiful cat in such a tragic way. I hope the owner of the dogs shows up at the shelter to collect his property, so he can be caught.
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I am so sorry for your loss. It is really terrible that that was how your baby went. I agree with you, it is entirely the owners' faults. At least your little one is in a better place, free from pain.

RIP sweet Patches
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Oh how horrible, the poor baby

Your safe at the bridge now Patches

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Oh my gosh that is horrible! I am sorry Patches died that way.
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I am so very sorry for your loss. How awful for you to lose your dear Patches in such a way. I really hope the owner of these vicious dogs can be found and that the other dog is caught before anyone else is hurt.

Rest in peace Patches and the other two kitties. You are safe and sound now at the rainbow bridge.
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I am so sorry, that is not the right way for her to have gone at all.

Patches is an angel now, waiting for you all at the rainbow bridge.
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Those beautiful kitties were taken too early May they all rest in peace
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I was in tears reading your post Poor Patches and those other innocent kitties. May they all rest in peace and never experience pain again

What a waste.
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I'm so sorry. It must have been very traumatic for your family. I wish you luck in whatever you decide to pursue when the dogs owners are found.
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Im sorry about your Patches! Thats a terrible way to go!!

Im not going to flame you but I am going to say that those pit bulls were probably raised to be vicious like that! Maybe they were in some of the dog fights or something. They could have been starving also... It really doesn't matter why they did it, the fact is they did it and they need to be PTS. Which is something you wont hear me say very often! If they'll attack that many times in a row and have it be fatal attacks everytime I think they need to be found right away and destroyed!

& for you at this time of sorrow... Its just not fair!
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that is such a tragic story. the anger you feel is totally justified. those dogs should definitely be PTS. i firmly believe that once a dog has done something like that he will do it again.

RIP sweet patches.
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That`s just dreadful. I`m so sorry you lost her in such a horrific way

RIP Patches
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Originally Posted by bab-ush-niik View Post

I hate these dogs. I hate their owners.


And no one better flame me about how nice their pit bull is. Quite frankly, I don't give a %&!! right now.
My 80lb American Pitt Bull Betty would still love you and your kitties. I had a simular experience with a black lab that killed an 18 yr old Siamese named Sarah along with several others. I waited all night long for several nights on my roof with a rifle and ended his rein of terror. I don't think that all black labs and their owners are cat and or kid killers.
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I am so sorry, that's so aweful!

Those dogs should be put down, or given to people who can ensure that they don't get out and kill small animals ever again. Animal aggression isn't as big of deal to me as people aggression is, but it ticks me off when people let their dogs get loose. Knock on wood in my 12 years of owning dogs, I have NEVER had a dog get loose. I am so sorry for your loss, that's aweful.
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