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Is it or isn't it a Maine Coon

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I'm a regular pest...volunteer at the humane society no-kill shelter. There is some disagreement between me and two others about one cat in particular. He's a domestic short hair, paws down, no argument. But these two fellows keep telling me that the cat is part Maine Coon. He is short haired, all over. Tail included. (If anyone wants to see him, let me know and I'll send you the link.) They maintain he's part MC because he has four stripes on his face.

There is another cat there who I think may be part MC because of her fluffy fur and tail. (She has the most adorable way of wrapping her tail around herself when she's sitting, particularly the way the tip of her tail folds in front of her paws.)

Is there such a thing as a MC cat with short hair?

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I had what the vet called an American Shorthair. In my book called The Eyewitness Book of Cats, it says that is the short haired option of the Maine Coon. He was huge, 22 lbs, had the same texture of hair, but shorter, and his face looked like a Maine Coon. That book is the only place I have ever seen or heard of this.
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I have never heard of a shorthaired Maine Coon! The 4 white stripes on his face are just tabby markings, that every tabby has. Can you put the link in your post? I would love to see his picture, then I'll have a better opinion on what breed he is, or has in his blood.

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Mogan is the one that two guys have tried to convince me is part Maine Coon.

My darling girl, the sweetheart whose little feet, God willing, will soon be pattering around my house, is Minzy. Terrible picture of her but....

Thanks to everyone for their help. I do appreciate it.

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Minzy is adorable! She looks like a grown up version of my little Max. Max was the littlest of the litter (she is far too classy to use the word runt!), we gave her a name to "grow into". She is a dilute tortie just like Minzy. They have the same purrsonality as "regular" torties, they are the undisputed queens and princesses of the house. Lilith, the mom of my 6 kittens, is a "regular" tortoiseshell. Someone I know calls them "tortureshells" LOL.

As for Mogan, he is a handsome guy, but I would never think of him as a Maine Coon, just a large tabby. Hope they all find good furrever homes!

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