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So What's For Dinner.

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Tonight it's pork chops, mushroom gravy and mashed potato's.

For dessert sliced peaches and yogurt..

What's on your Menu tonight.
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Dinner will be chili turkey burgers (with roasted red peppers..yum), and spinach-cheese casserole, coffee w/half and half.
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I had a fab sausage cassserole
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Leftover braised chicken with white wine sauce
rice pilaf
peas and carrots
orange slices for dessert
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We're having our version of BLTs .. BTCs .. Bacon, Tomato, Cheese on toasted wheat bread. With some veggie bites on the side.
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Ribs, fries & cornbread, with chocolate pudding for dessert
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Romain lettuce and vine ripe tomato on toast with low fat ranch dressing and a cup of fat free peach yogurt.
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Bavarian Smokies, Panfried Potatoes, Salad. Fast and easy is the name of the game.
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Not sure yet..maybe toast
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today i did grilled chicken sandwiches with honey mustard and a fresh greens salad. oh and as a snack i did some garlic and herb spreadable cheese on some slices of toasted sourdough.. yum!
tomorrow is fajita night!
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Last night was shrimp in the basket with fries, one of my favorites. Tonight we're having veggie enchiladas.
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spaghetti. i made the sauce a few nights back and just made some fresh pasta to go with it. i'm not too creative at the moment- i'm trying to get the house unpacked
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I just made a big pot of chicken stroganoff which i've managed to make 5 meals out of to freeze. 475gm stroganoff sauce, 500gm mushrooms, 1kg chicken wings chopped up, 3 cups of long grain rice and chives/parsley from the garden. All the ingredients cost me $14 which is only $3 a meal. And there are wing tips left for Charlie to chew on and some uncooked rice left (bought 1kg)

I am so good
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I am having JC Mac and Cheese and a Artichoke
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We had frozen, microwaveable chicken fried rice.
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I had oven baked breaded skinless chicken breast and mushroom gravy and cornbread. Yum!
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I had hot turkey sandwiches (with turkey leftover on the bone and frozen from Christmas) with mashed potatoes and green beans.
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i had a ham sandwich
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I made a gigantic pan of rigatoni with cheese and italian sausage, tossed salad and garlic bread...we'll be eating that for a week!
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Leftovers from our family birthday celebration. French Basque food.
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