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Finding Homes for Cats

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I would like to have some advice on how to go about finding good homes for cats. I have got to place some of them.

If anyone is interested in getting a cat, please let me know. I have a pretty good selection (about six or so) to give away to loving and caring homes. They are all indoor cats. I will try to work on getting pics and descriptions on them in the next couple of days.
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Okay here's my advice:

Signs and posters in petstores/vet offices.
Website listings on Petfinders.
Any rescue groups willing to let you post her/his/their pictures? Like the Humane Society for your county/area?

Any vets willing to take kittens to adopt em out? Sometimes your vet can be helpful, amazing as that seems.

Are any of them breed specific, like Siamese mixes, Maine Coons, Burmese, or other "highly desirable" breeds? Or even "looks likes"?? Breed rescue can possibly help with that...

Other than that, I'm not sure what to tell you except to look out for unscrupulous people who want "free" cats. always charge about 75 dollars (what you get for selling a cat to a medical researcher, therefore if that's what the 'free' cat owner is doing, you know they won't make any money and won't want YOUR cat(s). List the ad as "no Bunchers or class B animal dealers" that should be enough to let the people of that ilk know you are
on to them...

Ask questions of potential adopters...

use an adoption contract. Check references.

That's about the sum of it...
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Where do you live? I'd love to get a company for my cat.
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I live in north central U.S., kind of a ways away from NY.
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>.< Yeah. I hope you will find a sweet home for the cats
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