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New to this cat business!

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Hi there!

Me and my partner have rescued a cat from our local rescue centre today, and I thought I would ask you guys a few questions.

Our cat is only 2 years old, and is a tabby/white female. She was named Mindy at the rescue centre, but she really doesnt look like a Mindy! If we called her something different, will she still respond? IE when we let her out in a few weeks time, if we call her, will she come back in?

Also, she is very playful and affectionate, however she seems to spend all her time up stairs in the landing. We have put her bed there now being as she likes spending her time there, but just wondered if this is normal for rescue cats? and will she ever come down without me intising (sp?) her down the stairs with tuna?!

Also we have noticed that when my partner Alex strokes her, she gets her claws out really big but dont when I stroke her. Could she be picking up that Alex is scared of stroking her?

Any help/advice is much appreciated!
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Welcome to TCS. I've moved your post to the Behavior section so our more knowledgeable members can help.
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Whenever you adopt a new cat, you need plenty of time for the cat to know you and trust you. For her protection, I would NOT allow her outside without supervision. Train her to a harness/leash or have a cat enclosure where she can sit but be safe and you know where she is.

You can change her name if you want. Use the new name when calling her for feeding times or treats. That way she will associate food with the name. Until she responds almost every time to whatever name you pick, do not let her outside unsupervised.
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Congratulations on your new cat!

I wouldn't let her outside at all, unless wearing a harness/leash. It's more popular in the UK than in the US to let cats outside, but it's just such a dangerous thing for your cat. Outdoor cats do not live nearly as long, you will have to deal with worms and fleas, more vet bills if/when they get injured, etc..

As for the name thing, go ahead and change it. I don't know if a cat can understand their name or not, but they certainly don't respond as if they do (at least not in my experience with cats). I re-named both of my cats very soon after adopting them. For a list of popular cat names, check here:

Post pictures of your new cat! I'd love to see them.
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Thanks for your advice. She has been really good through out the night, and has really come out of her shell (Dont know if thats because Alex isnt here as he is working away from home this week) but I had a friend around last night for a few hours, and she was down here with us most of the night!

Anyway, here she is! We decided to call her Smudge

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She's so precious.
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