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More bizarre (as in new to me) kitten behavior

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Manny is turning out to be unlike any other kitten I've ever had. He is a handful! He is almost 5 months old.

Last night I bought him a new mousie toy. He ran and got it when I threw it for him, but then he started growling and hissing. He ran around with it in his mouth for about 15 minutes. I was worried it was hurting him or something because of the growling/hissing he was doing, but he would drop it and attack it again and again. The I thought maybe he was worried one of the other cats would take it away from him and that was why he was so growly, but no other cats were around him at the time, and he let Isabel take it and play with it, no problem, after a short time.

What is the reasoning there? Is he just playing tough guy? Anyone else's kitten do this?

Then, he is still very greedy about food. If I give out treats he will start to eat his, then see that the other cats have treats too, so he will leave his, run over and snatch the other cats' treats (he eats really fast) and then run back to eat his, so he gets all the treats! He moves so fast that the other cats don't even have time to react. I've been trying to remember to feed his treats separately form the other cats, but sometimes I'll forget.

I noticed he's been doing something similar wih the canned food I feed 2x daily...I feed him in a separate room, and he will start meowing like he is done, but when I open the door he still has food left. What he does is run in to the room where I feed the girls, eat their food, and then run back and finish his. I leave dry down all the time (Wellness Core) and feed him canned 2x day so he isn't starving. He just seems like he has an insatiable appetite.

Please tell me he will outgrow this.

Mr. Manny:
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Hi, the business about the mouse is normal, just exaggerated (his personality I guess), but don't be put off by it. As far as food goes, you're going to have to NOT let him get at the other cats' food no matter what - he actually reminds me of my dog, who has the most fun when he could 'one up' his 'brother', but when bro. went to live with my ex, I had to try and find all kinds of ways to let him feel he was still getting the better of someone, whether me, one of the 3 cats (but they're all friends), or his toys. Your baby's smart - he knows to first get the others' food, then finish his at his leisure... well don't let him. If he doesn't finish his food, take it away and present it later on when the other cats aren't around - he'll learn fast enough if he's hungry!
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It does seem like he is trying to "one up" the girls. His logic astounds me, though. I've had cats almost all of my life and he is the first that acts like this.
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We always had this problem with our cats, as well. Fatty (hence the name...) would eat 1/2 his food, then run and steal Spliffs while he was still eating, then run back and get the rest of his. Same deal with treats.
So I found a solution that seems to work for us...I'm not sure if it will help you, but figured I'd write it anyhow.
We feed canned food once a day. Fatty gets his downstairs in the kitchen (given to him first to distract him) and Spliff gets his in the upstairs spare bedroom with the door closed. Fatty gobbles his down, then waits outside the door for spliff to finish, which we open the door after about 15 min, so he's had his fill, then Fatty eats the rest. Usually just a few tid bits left, but still...better than nothing to him, lol!
For treats, fatty get his first on the kitchen floor, and spliff gets his upon the kitchen table (not often used by us) I stand and block Fatty from jumping up. Works beautifuly! Hope that helps a bit. Keeping them seperate during eating will most likely help out.

Best of luck!!
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