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Help! My plants need it

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I am having a problem with my cat peeing in my plant inside of my house. Does anyone have a idea what I can do? I went and bought Cat Boundery its a spray - I am spraing it everyday but it does not seem to help. Any other ideas?

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Welcome to the site!

I'm going to move this to the Behavior Forum where our experts can help you out.
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Is covering the top of the plant pots with foil possible? Maybe your kitty thinks the soil is similiar to his litter.
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There are several things you can do. You can get a large planter, big enough for your cat to get in and plant catnip and oat grass in it.

You can put a layer of thin pebbles on top of the soil, it will bother the cat's paws and he will go elsewhere.

Add another litterbox close to where the plant is-

You can take those small mylar balloons and line the outside of the planter with them, run a small fan at the balloons for the first couple of hours so the movement will startle the cat away from the planter.
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I use chicken wire cut to fit the pot, with an opening in the center for the plant. I turn the sharp edges down and poke them into the soil. You can use moss or rocks or some other decorations to hide the wire. I have also used 2-3 inch river rocks laid in a single layer on top of the soil, they are too heavy for the cat to move around.

My Russian Blue LOVES to dig, not to do his business, but just for the fun. I once caught him in a bag of potting soil having the time of his life, only his long silver tail was visible outside the bag. :laughing:
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We used to have a tabby cat that did the same thing. I found plastic insets (concentric circles that could be cut down) to fit the pots at a garden center, and they really did the trick. You might be able to find them at a pet supply store. Our cat had been a feral, and my husband came up with the brilliant idea of using potting soil in her litter box. Over a few months we got her used to kitty litter, mixing bigger and bigger proportions of litter in with the potting soil every week. Result: no more plant problems. Pebbles or small rocks would probably work as well as the insets.
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I never was able to thank all of you who replyed back to my question. So far she has been good and not mistaking the plant for a litter box. Thanks again for the suggestions.

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