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My Sweet boy Joey and his nemesis Mario

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It's been almost a year since Joey was very sick and we were sure we were going to lose him He's had a clean bill of health I LOVE this boy so much


Right before Mario got thumped

Mario looking regal
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They are both so handsome. I'm glad that Joey is doing so much better.
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Aww...look at Mario's crossed paws! Nakita used to do that. And I have many pictures of the 'before the thump' too between Steve and Gigi!
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Look at Mario with his paws crossed! And big Tough Joey.....he must be a bit "out of place" with all the fuzzies at your house!
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Awww, look at them!
I love when they cross their paws, Harley does this all the time
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I just LOVE Joey's little white chin

They are both so beautiful! Has Mario settled in completely? I just adore his fluff
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OMG Helen he's looking really great!! Joeys got a gorgeous sweet face as well, and awww Mario, his crown and septres missing!!
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Originally Posted by Bella713 View Post


What a sweet picture! I'm so glad to hear he's doing better! He sure looks like such a love.

And Mario, what can I say about him. I've been in love with him since the beginning. Love his regal pose; he does it so well!
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Very pretty!!!
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they are soo handsome!!!
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So glad Joey is completely healthy!! Mario is so sweet
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Glad Joey is doing well!
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Aww! Mario you are so handsome!

And I'm soooo happy Joey is doing better!
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How gorgeous both your boys are

Joey really looks like he means business in that second pic...
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They are both so handsome!
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