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Sunday, What on Your Agenda

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Morning All!!

We are in the middle of yet another snowstorm here, very nasty outside with high winds and white-out conditions. I would much rather stay in bed this morning but work awaits.

Not to busy of a day ahead, just catching up on paperwork and answering emails and faxes. Should hopefully be done around 3.

Nothing planned for this evening, just home and TV I guess.

Kitties are good this morning watching the snow out the window.

Everyone have a good day
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It's very cold here today, currently the temperature is 22 and very windy... wind chills are below zero. The temperature is supposed to steadily fall all day. John and his mom are going to pick up yet ANOTHER horse this morning while I stay here and get the stall ready for her. Then I think John said we have to go to town so he can pay his loan payment and we'll probably get lunch/dinner while we're out (depending on what time it is!).
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Morning!! Woke up with a severe headache! Was going to get around and go to church but I cant decide since my head hurts so bad!!!

Hope everyone has a great day!
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Church at 10am, then working on bills/checkbook. We had to do some patching on the living room wall and primer in spots yesterday - so maybe I can get DH to do a little painting with me today.
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For us it's the usual. Church and then out to lunch.
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Watching the Pro Bowl...Go NFC
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It is very cold here. -13˚ F and the wind is howling at -34˚F. I'm meeting some school mates and going to a fossil exhibit about an hour away.
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Also really cold here- dangerously cold later today and tonight.

I already took my BF to the airport for a 9:30 am flight. He is going skiing in Oregon for a week. It's a special program for the visually impaired.
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I'll be doing laundry, grading some papers, and (hopefully) sneaking in a nap.
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It's another beautiful day in sunny Florida I'm going to do some work on my dissertation, then probably go for a nice long bike ride later this afternoon/evening.
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It's 2 degrees F right I'm NOT going outside! Laundry, general cleaning, and bills will take up most of my day. The hockey game is at 3:30 (I hate afternoon game, it screws up my day!), so I'll take a break and watch that. I always get a 3 way call going with my sister in San Diego, my parents, and myself, during the game. It just feels good to not be on call this weekend!!!! Yippee!!!!!
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The temperature isn't too bad here. It was almost 75 degrees yesterday and it if warms up again today I will go for a run later on.

I've already cleaned the kitchen, but I still need to clean the bathroom and my room. It's a mess!

I also need to work on bills and order some items online.
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Pretty sunny and warm here.

Going to salsa today (there are 3 classes per week). I was thinking about taking a walk around our local reservoir - about 2.5 miles - with DH who needs to exercise. Nothing else planned.
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My friends canceled on the fossil exhibit because of the weather. So now I don't know what I'm going to do.
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I really need to clean a little bit and do some exercise, but I have no desire to get out of bed. I've been up since 8, and all I've done is lay in bed and watch TV and play on the laptop. Maybe I'll get up in a little bit and do some cleaning and watch some Third Watch.
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It is cold here today. -14c (6f) but feels like -26c (-15f). Its really windy too and its supposed to stay like this all day and even get a few degrees colder.

My boyfriend needs to work on his car today, he's going to have fun with that out in the cold. It needs to get done though. I am not doing anything today..its too cold.
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While it is sunny here is cold -6F (-21C) currently with windchills at -32F (-36F).

Did venture out a few times looking for the Sunday paper which hasn't appeared today grrrrr......

Anyhow did some laundry, watered the plants in the basement and did some clean-up of my bench and table. Now on to makeup drawer-I think a fair amount will be tossed!!
Did a few minutes of sewing to finish up a project.

Neil is working on the tax stuff for the farm property. But taking a break and watching the TV for a bit.

Nothing too exciting as usual....
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We went here Sugarloaf Reservoir. First time i've been. It's sooo peaceful!
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I made it late to this thread today..

I went and worked the bike show today from 10-5...then came home and ate some kraft dinner. Now I am about to put away the laundry..and then bedtime (I can't wait)
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I had work today. After i got off work i came home and watched "Band of Brothers" for a little bit while i unpacked things around the house. After that i worked on the wedding stuff for a bit.

At the moment i'm watching "Extreme Makeover Home Edition"! (sunday night tradition for me!) When the show is over i'll probably work some more on the house.
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My day consisted of being woken up by a hungry Gizmo at 9:!5, followed by homework from 9:30 untill I'd say 8:30/8:45 lol interrupted by random internet ventures.
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i didn't do much yesterday. went for a lovely drive, was such a beautiful day!
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Well, I really wanted to tend to my bedroom...buuuuut, that never happened.
I had a couple of friends over and we had pizza and watched a movie then I made peanut butter cookies.
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