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How can I turn wild into mild?

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Roke is most definatly a wild pet,she tends to chew wires,shred a large cardboard box,and tear the fuzz off of her toys. When she gets into mischief with the wires,I've been trying to distract her with a toy in the other room. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. Lately,she being rough on her toys and trying to break them. To stop her from destroy the large box in question,I had to move it into a closed closet. And yes,she still likes to bite.
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Hi, this sounds eerily familiar! Maia is one minute snuggly, sleeping, gentle kitty, the next terrorizing, full attack play, shredding paper devil! How old is Roke? The younger the easier to guide excessive energy and aggressive play towards safe objects and times/places. As well as teaching them what is off limits, not allowed, dangerous. Its a must to stop her from chewing wires, this is so dangerous! One thing that helps is tying up all excess cords around the home. Always be alert of her approaching any and chase her away before she even gets close to them. That area is off limits! Find and give her what stuffed animals and toys she enjoys, Maia has a huge toy bowl with all her toys always available (she even fits inside the bowl). A couple times a month a set up a box fort/tunnel for her. She tears through it and loves to chew and hide in it! I give her bags to crawl in every day, play minimum of 1 hour every day, and constantly making sure she doesn't get into something dangerous! Thats why I love her so much!!!!
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How old is your cat? And I'd get some Bitter Apple spray to put on the wires and anything you don't want her to chew on. If that doesn't stop her, then get some plastic tubing to run the wires thru to protect them.

Is she an "only cat"? She may need a companion to help run off all that energy.
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Roke is 1 year and a half,she is an young adult. She is the only cat that I have living with me. The paper bags sound like a good idea,I'll try that.
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Maybe she needs a buddy to play with to get all that energy out of her.
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