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Too tough a question! I feed a variety of foods, but I think the closest I've come to the "perfect" canned food for Jamie & Co. is almo nature:

It has a simple recipe (meat and/or fish, spring water or meat broth, up to 1% rice), no by-products, preservatives or additives, and uses human-grade meat and/or fish from free-ranging animals. It's available in the little cans Jamie insists on, and there's a really wide variety of flavors.

I've never seen a cat (or hedgehog) turn it down, or develop any health problems while being fed it. Jamie's allergy problems have virtually disappeared since he's been eating it - it's very often recommended by vets for allergy-prone cats.

The drawbacks are that it isn't readily available outside Europe (though I notice there's now a Canadian office:
Almo Nature Canada Inc.
1050, boulevard du Séminaire Nord, bureau 200
Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Québec J3A 1S7
it's pretty expensive if you're feeding multiple cats, and you really have to vary the flavors if you're feeding it exclusively, to avoid imbalances, or supplement with a good dry food.