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A Dear Member needs your prayer

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Hey guys,

I got an email today from someone who for right now just wants to remain nameless, but she is a good friend to many and a respected member of this board.

Her father-in-law has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and it has spread, and it is inoperable. The news is devastating in itself, but there are other factors weighing in as well, and, she just needs all your prayers right now, even if she can't step forward right now and ask for them.

I am asking on her behalf, because God does know the details when you pray for her and her hubby and his father.
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Sending our friend, courage and healing thoughts!
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i'll certainly be sending out healing thoughts and prayers...
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prayers to our friend and her father in law...
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Sending out positive energy for our friend, and her whole family. Such a difficult time.....
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Such hard news for them all. I'll keep them in my prayers.
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Prayers going up right now!
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Prayers and positive healing energy going out to our friend, her father-in-law, and their entire family!!!
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Sending lots of prayers.
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Sending lots of my prayers too, I hope they are holding up well.
Lots of hugs to them!
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Positive thought coming from Iowa.
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And from Pennsylvania!
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And from Wisconsin.
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I will definately keep them in my prayers...
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Prayers from Massachusetts.
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Here's some from England too!
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And some from Canada, as well.
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Prayers and good thoughts coming from Ohio
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Add Israel to the list -
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Sending lots of prayers, good healing energy and positive thoughts to you, FIL and family.
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I am sending up prayers for our friend, her father-in-law and her family....this is so sad.....please keep us posted MaryAnne and tell her we are all praying and sending postive thoughts her way!!!!!! I am so sorry to hear this! Thanks for letting us know, Hissy.
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What an emotional thing to go through. Positive thoughts from Ontario being sent to help them all through this crisis!

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Prayers and healthy vibes coming from my house to yours. Keep strong!
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Adding my prayers and positive thoughts.
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Our friend has my prayers, too.
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She is in my prayers
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OMG of course lots of positive energy and prayers sent from NJ.
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Hi all. I'm disclosing my identity. Sorry for the deception or anonymity or whatever this was. I just freaked.

Gary and his Dad had a rocky relationship for their entire lives. Gary did leave home at 15. His Dad tracked him down at 17. He got disowned again when he joined the IDF at 19 or 20. He got re-owned when he came back to the States, but immediately disowned when he went to work for the competition instead of his dad. He got reowned just before the end of that stage of life. He got disowned again when he divorced his first wife. Not because his dad liked her - but it was somehow socially not right. Even though Dad is on wife #5.

Anyway, they stopped talking in 1993 shortly before Gary and I got back together (we were high school sweethearts).

His Dad called in 1997 when there was an ad in the paper announcing our appointment at a new firm. They spoke once a year after that.

Late in 2002 they started talking again. Gary had a brain tumor in Oct 2001, two stomach surgeries in 2002 and two back surgeries in 2002. His Dad was very concerned about his health - Gary was very wary.

To make a really long story "short" (sorry), I met Gary's Dad for the first time in January. They were already about once a week then. After that, they kept talking - mostly business. Two weeks ago (3?) they had a real breakthrough and a big long heart-to-heart.

But Gary's dad is a diagnosed (and taking medication for being a) manic depressive, bipolar, paranoid psychotic. Fortunately he's on meds that appear to be working.

They started talking once or multiple times a day after that. Last Thursday he told Gary that last Tuesday he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, and that it appears to have metastasized to both sides of the liver.

Gary was devastated. Here they've just made up, and his Dad has 3 - 6 months to live. At least Gary is at peace with himself knowing that he made up with his dad, and not just because he knew he was dying.

It has been very emotional around here and very, very difficult.

Thank you so, so much for your prayers and thoughts.
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I had somehow missed this thread. I am so sorry to hear this, and I think it goes without saying that you and yours will remain in all our prayers.
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I am so sorry to hear about Gary'sn dad! But I am also so pleased that when it has become reallt important they could reconcile. I will be adding him to my daily prayers, because a renunion like that needs as much time as possible to grow and develop.

Laurie - thanks for sharing with us. I know you will be strong for Gary!
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