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Rosie, Sophie and Jack

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Name a song and i'll sing it!

The film "The Birds" was on t.v. last week which Jack seemed to enjoy

But then he heard a noise upstairs which gave him the heebe jeebes

* SCREAMS * And then he realised it was only Rosie

Sophie's doesn't like to play or wrestle with Jack, but she likes to cuddle up with him

Jack thinks she need a bath

Mum, i really don't need one

Jack's got no shame
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Jack just doesn't seem to care huh?
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Jack makes me laugh when he watches tv! The Birds - thats a good choice of show for a cat!

Your bunch always make me smile - Jack and his tv, Rosie and her chatter and Sophie with her "ladylike" poses!
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Ha that Jack-scream photo is GREAT! I laughed out loud
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I just love seeing pics of your crew Susan! Sweet Rosie, talking to mum. And Sophie cuddling with her brother; too cute. And Jack, his TV watching makes me laugh every time!
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Rosie's just woke up

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I always love seeing pictures of your kitties!!
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I love how Jack's eyes glow in the one picture!!
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I love seeing pictures of Sophie, she is so cute! (They all are)
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You just made my day Susan...
Jacks porn pose is priceless.

I love the Smudge Sisters.
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Lovely pics!!!
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haha! So sweet! Jack is sure getting big.
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Awww Sophie and Jack What was Rosie singing The Birds...that movie is scary, no wonder Jack is screaming Did anyone ever tell you too much TV is no good for kids
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Susan - what is there to say but thank you for sharing? Your threads always guarantee a smile if not a laugh. Your crew is just so cute - and cuddly, and expressive, and playful.....

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I adore your kitties! I have fallen in love with Rosie, such a sweetheart, I love 'em all really
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eheh love rosie wake up pic heheh
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i could never get tired of seeing those 3 gorgeous babies!!!
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lovely picture's!
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They are such cute little weenies! I just love Rosie - always has something to say!
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