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Im so scared

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Im sat here with my back door wide open hoping and praying my little princess lucy walks in , she went our first thing this morning and hasn't come home its now 10pm its so unusual as she is in and out most of the day , i have been all round the streets looking and i keep shouting her i thought i might hear her cry if she was hurt or had got locked in somewhere but i hear nothing . lucy never strays far from home if she hears me open the door she is there in seconds , she is 2 years old and has been spayed , im feeling so sick im so scared something horrible has happened i cant bare to think of her hurt and not be able to get home , i cant lose another of my precious cats ive lost 2 in the last 2 weeks at the vets
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lots vibes that Lucy some home ASAP!
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that Lucy comes home quickly and safely
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I have lost mine too! So I will pray that Lucy comes home quick!!!!
and I am sooo sorry about the other two you have lost!!!!I'm so sorry!!
You are in my thoughts and prayers, please let us know when she comes

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Many prayers and vibes Lucy comes home quick and she's safe
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Come home soon Lucy!!
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Thank you so much for the vibes , lucy made it home a couple of hours ago she is now in the hospital where the vet says she will be for about 5 days , im waiting for a phone call from the vet as he is xraying her he thinks she has been run over , he thinks its her pelvis and also he says it looks like her tail is going to have to be amputated as its all floppy and no life in it , she has had her bladder emptied by the vet as she was trying so hard to go for a wee but nothing was coming out except when you picked her up it dribbled a bit , he is hoping she is just scared to go with the pain and its not some nerve damage to her bladder , she seems ok otherwise she has been purring and her eyes are bright and she is alert she was just so scared bless her . it hurts to think she was out there all night not able to get home i dont understand how its happened as she never really left the garden , but thank god she is safe now
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Awwwww poor baby...I'm glad she is home, many prayers and vibes for a full recovery
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Oh jeeze D:

Hope your kitty get well
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