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We have a thread like this......

Click Here

maybe we can merge the two?
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Tasha.... great signature! Love the tiger!
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I just realized that we had a thread like this too.
I'll merge the two together now.
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Originally posted by dtolle
I When life gives you lemons, make lemonade"
makes me smile everytime I read it......
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Lhezza is now the new pen pal coordinater, and seems to be very sweet!
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I enjoy the look at family life by Rock and Fluff everytime she posts.
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I enjoy reading all of your information you give people hissy because you are so in depth of your knowledge about these kitties!!!
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Kathy is one of the sweetest people I've ever encountered. She is always thinking of others and NEVER has a bad thing to say about anyone!
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From reading her posts for the last couple of months, I can tell that Shell is friendly, kind, and a positive influence on all around her.

:flower: Angela
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I like your cute little kitty avatar!
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Pollyanna is very sweet. It is allways nice to hear from countrys other than my own.
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Tamara is lots of fun to post with and always has something nice to say about someone
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Kathy, you are so much fun to have around here - I always enjoy reading your posts and I think your kids and cats are very lucky to have you as their Mommy.
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Tania - you are an amazing foster mom and a wonderful and zany person! The board would not be the same without you!
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Adriene, I don't know you well, you seem to be such a sweet person, and lovely kitty mommy!!!
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Kathy, you bring so much positive life to the board, and lots of energy. I'm glad you're a member here.
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Heidi - you are one of the pillars that hold together the catsite. You are a joy to know!
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Adrienne just sent me some cute adorable magnets this afternoon, and a sweet letter too...she is so sweet!
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Kathy, I can see on your kids photo that you have a happy family. You must me a wonderful mom!
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Sesselja...You are one of the funniest people I've ever met! You always say the right thing to cheer me up when I'm feeling blue.

p.s...I fixed my last post for ya!
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You are a terrific member here! You add joy to this board and your organization for the pen pal club was very generous of you!
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Daniela , I think the rose in your avatar is Simply Gorgeous!
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Sam is very mature for her being as young as she is.....
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Kathy said she would come over and help me clean my house! She is a great friend.
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Tamara is always up for Spam Chat
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Sam is sweet and funny and smart. Im glad she found us here at the cat site.
( i think you found your true title now sam!)
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Tamara has a cat that looks like my Fluffy!
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Kathy is very dedicated and cares alot about others

BTW Thanks Tamara , I like this title too
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You are a very dedicated spammer!
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Adrienne is very bright, caring, and has a great sense of humor.
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