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What else needs to be said!

(no, i'm not fishing for another compliment.....i just wanted to say Canadian Chikk !)

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Eh...... Molton Anyone..... so many CANADIAN CHIKK's!!!!

Just make sure you re-send the PM every hour for at least 24 hours. Just to keep her busy, you know

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Lizza, our Avatar QUEEN!!!!! (She made mine so I could have BOTH of my kitties with me all day long. Thanks Lizza!!)
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Heidi, I always enjoy reading your posts.
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Laurie, you are one of the kindest, gentlest souls here....you are an angel!
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You know how I feel about you! You are one of the greatest people on the entire planet!!!!!!!!!!
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Oh my....kellye, thanks....

I think you know how I feel about you too! You are an inspiration to me as well as many others. You make me want to get out there and accomplish anything. I admire you so much.....

(sorry....am not posting to get any more compliments! you can skip by me. Just having a great time here. Soon, I'll have tackled everyone!!! hehehe)
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OK, skipping by the Canadian Chikk!!!

Naw, Ghys your positive energy and enthusiasm for your family is like a breath of fresh air. Your stories are usually funny and down to earth just like any Canadian Chikk should be!

(sorry, I'm on a roll with Canadian Chikk!)

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Thread Starter 
i think you have a gorgeous soul.

from what i can tell & see on a message board, that's what i've seen.
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Thank you for starting the Alaphabet Thread!!!

It's one of my favorites!
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Lhezzza, a sweet girl witha sweet heart. Thanks for being everyone's friend!
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Tamme, it's obvious to everyone that you love your kitties (kitty paws!), and are the kind of cat owner we all hope we are!
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willie, you are such a friendly girl, i love reading your threads! im glad you joined!
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Kiwi, my inspirational guru for healthy living!

Everyone knows your beautiful on the insight and out! Whether your talking about your family,your scrapbook experiences, or your cats, you bring a more positive vibe to this site.

Thanks for allowing me into your world!

(you can skip by me, I just wanted to compliment Kellye!)
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Nope, not gonna skip you Kass!! You can't make me!!

Kass, you are just a ray of sunshine around here. I'm so glad I've met you and have gotten to know you just a little bit. Oh, and of course you do have one of the most beautiful kitties I have ever seen (I mean that!!!). (Keep posting those pics of Nakita - she always makes me smile )
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Hmmm... My partner in crime, Heidi! The co-writer of the mystery story in Paws..(You're all welcome to write a page, any time!). Heidi is a good writer, a better mod, and a best friend. No, not necessarily in that order! I just wanted to use good, better, best! You can mix up the adjectives, and they'll still fit!

Heidi is bright, eloquent, and honest. And if she's your friend, she won't always agree with you, but your back is covered!
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Oh...this is soooooo exciting! I get to compliment Jeanie!!!!

Jeanie, I LOVE YOU!!!!!! You have been my rock, my guidance and my friend since the first day I joined TCS. You have guided me through the new world of the internet. You are my internet angel! What would I do without you?????
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ghyslaine! she is very sweet, smart, warm, and incredibly funny!

i love to read your posts. it always makes me smile when you are here.
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Jan, the woman who loves Nakita as much as I do! How could anyone not love that! And she lives right by my Aunt (care for a visitor Jan?)

She has a warm presence and a caring heart!

(Too bad your not a Canadian Chikk cause I wanted to use that again!)

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bump. should we keep this going?
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It does seem that we are going in circles, doesn't it. What - doesn't anyone else have something nice to say about us?

Well, I have something nice to say about Jan - You're a fiery redhead who is so much fun to have around! Never a dull moment.
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Oh, I don't mind! I can play this game forever! I think I have something to say about everyone here

*jumping up and down ----yay! Heidi's turn*

Heidi, you have 'the magic touch' and have always made everyone here feel special and welcome. You are caring, and witty and talented. You have an awsome writing ability that I envy. All in all....you are wonderful! I'm sooooooo glad I have had the privilege of meeting you here. (((HUGS)))

I hope others join in too! This is fun!!!!
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Well, now I get a chance to say something great about Ghyslaine! Ghyslaine is one of the most caring, considerate, personable, and sweet natured people I know! She was also willing to face spiders and snakes, her phobia, for the sake of her child's field trip. And that's how we all got to know this gracious lady so well! She is, in fact, the personification of the word, "lady."
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oh finally i can say something about the sweetest person in the whole wide world, jeanie! i love you jeanie, you are a kind, wonderful person with a gorgeous soul, and i just adore you to bits!
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Kellye - I just love reading your posts. You are a smart, witty, creative, funny person! (I think your cat names are great, too....Peedoodle...I want to steal it)

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Kim, you make the most incredible graphics for your signature!
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tasha - i think you are a bright and talented young woman. quite pretty, also!
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Thanks Jan! You are a very funny person! You really know how to make people happy!
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Ok, I will try to explain this the best I can..I have played this before at another board I frequent....let's see
since I am the first person posting this I am not able to say anything nice about anyone, so when someone replies to this, you can comment on something nice about me, since I am the previous poster...kwim? the person who replies to this, well, the next person will have to make a nice comment about that person and so on?
is it too confusing? I think you all we get the hang of it after you see what I mean,, ex:

Amy: Kathy is a mommy to 4 kids and 2 kitties and very nice!

Pam: Amy has 10 cats and 5 dogs and is the most patient person I know

Jan: Pam owns a zoo and let's peopel come for free...

hehe..get it now?? sorry, i am no good at explaining things..
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Rock&Fluff's mom

Very nice person who has become a valuable member to this site.
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