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Lorie, i love reading your posts, you are a sweetheart and you have a great sense of humour!
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Like the pig and the weird dreams, Kelly!
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I love you sense of humor and unique outlook on life.
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Christy, you are not only very bright but also compassionate. I always enjoy reading what you have to say and I admire you for your share in the SaveSamoa effort/website!!! Kudos!!!
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Anne, thank you for starting this site! What a wonderful thing to do. Oh, and having seen your pictures in the picture thread... a cat behaviorist from Israel who's also a babe? It's almost too much like fiction!
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Lola, you have a lot of spunk and I love your sense of humor!
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You can talk to Heidi about anything; she always listens, doesn't judge and knows just the right thing to say.
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(The newer members probably don't know you Sabra! You gotta find more time for the important things....TCS!! )

Sabra, you are just a wonderful person all around, and I've really enjoyed getting to know you. Just wish you were around more.
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I love reading your posts Heidi, I feel as if I know you in person! You are a wonderful person and soooo sweet!
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My spamming buddy.... glad you're on the site!
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Heidi is a great Mod who listens and truly cares for the members and the site.

She's also a great resource for Denver shopping info! Thanks again Heidi!

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Your posts always make me laugh. You are the "Spam" goddess. Plus, from the Avatar thread, you have a great touch with computers.


Your love for your furbabe shines through in all of your posts and pictures. You also have a great talent for photography which is obvious from the pictures you've posted.
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Christy, I admire you so much and enjoy reading your posts! I am so glad to know you!!!!
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Debby....ultimate poster and contributor......one of the warmest people on this site!

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all right! i get to compliment kass!

kass is very cool. she always has interesting things to say and is very kind and witty.
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Jan is just a doll!!! And an awesome member of this site!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Debby, I have had the privilege of calling you friend and have seen so much growth in you since you joined us. I so admire your strength through adversity and know that Amber is a lucky lucky little girl to be able to call you Mom.
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again: yay! i get to compliment mary anne! (i love this thread!)

mary anne, you are very talented, sweet, and just all around fun person!
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Jan is a loving kitty mom with gorgeous hair (love your red hair!). You always have something either of value or of fun to add to any thread!
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though i don't know you that well, ady, from everything i see & read i feel comfortable saying i think you're intelligent and quite warm.

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Katie, you are a very sweet person! I love all of your posts!
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All of the above posters are great and thats why I check this site daily. You are all great people!
Denise Russell
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Your daughter is a cutie!
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Lizza, what can i say?????? i love your wacky sense of humour and you are a NEAT person!
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You don't drink Pepsi or Coke and you eat that Veggie-stuff...

There is still hope for you!!!

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lizza - i think i may have already complimented you, but what the heck!

lizza is one of those great woman who have beauty and brains and a fabulous sense of humor!
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*slapping myself silly* I never realised I could play more than once!!!!!! Watch out.....here I come! WoooHooo!

Jan, you are a doll. An absolute delight to have around at TCS. You are funny, you are kind, you are considerate to EVERYONE here. What more can I say? *ahem* ok....I'll leave some for later!
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GREAT avatar.... that is really cute.... where did you get it!?!!

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You can always count on Lizza to be the shy quiet type.

But we love ya anyway!!

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Originally posted by Lhezzza

GREAT avatar.... that is really cute.... where did you get it!?!!

ummmm......gee, thanks for the compliment! :LOL: I am touched....

The creator of my avator is no other than *drum roll please* The great Lhezza....herself so.... PM her with all of your requests. She loves that! Just make sure you re-send the PM every hour for at least 24 hours. Just to keep her busy, you know.......

Kass....LOVE YOU! You are one of the bestest of the bestest here! What would we ever do without you to brighten up the day????

Putting aside that, Nakita has a special place in my heart
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