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Jeanie is very comforting and sympa(nice)too be around
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Sam is a sweet person and has only the best spam in the world! LOL
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Teresa has gorgeous persians
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Sam always has something nice to say, what a great person to have on the Cat Site forums! :flower:
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Angela's replies are always nice and informative
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Sam, get outta here! You're a sucker for compliments!!
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Tania is a wonderful kitty mommy and is from Austrailia!
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Rock and Fluffs mom has great kids and cats!
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Teresa has some beautiful kitties...just went to your site!!!
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Kathy has such a Warm & loving attitude , I don't think she would ever say something nasty about anyone
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Sam always cheers me up. I'll be sad, come to the forums and read new posts. Sam always has something nice to say!
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Awwwwwwwww Thanks Tasha

I your kittens ! and we have had fun spamming together, you are always there for me!
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Sam is the most mature 13 year old I know.
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Marcus is great with tech stuff his wife is too dense to figure out!
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Russian Blue, I love the Soldier PIctures and the positive side. I wish more people would see things differently.

Ok I did this wrong the first time so I'm editing and adding one in for the DragonLady!

Teresa, Your new siggy is awesome and I always appreciate your expertise in Persian Cats!
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Mzjazz2u, I love how you are always positive and give the most positive, friendly and sensible advices and comments.
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Pollyanna-your kitty avatar is sooooo cute!
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Fluffy'smom~ Your kitty has the same name as one of mine do
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Kathy, your Rock and Fluff´s blinking pic is so cute.
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Sess- You are just a warm loving person to have around!
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Wellington, you're the sister I never had
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JellyBelly I always enjoy reading your posts you always have something good to say.
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awww Really??? Thanks to you, my day is much brighter for your kind words
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^ needs to check her pm's
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Entertaining, engaging and a great fur mommy to Zoey!
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