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cat still crapping on floor

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Ok, so my cat peepers is still crapping on the floor but I have determined a few things

1. its not the litter box not being clean because I clean it constantly and he still uses it during the day. He only craps at night after my fiance and I go to bed and he does it in the same general area evey night.

2. its not his health because he eats like a pig drinks regularly and we already got him check out from a vet. (when I say he eats like a pig don't take it as we are over feeding him. We give him hard food in the morning and canned food at night but he scarfs it down like its his last meal and whines the whole time I'm preparing his food. Thats why I said "eats like a pig")

3. its not a lighting issue because I keep his box in a well lit place and his box is not in a high traffic place so I know its not that either.

I'm almost positive that it is a territorial thing because he likes to spar with my other cat and my other cat is constantly trying to dominate him.

I made a little progress with him because sometimes I put down paper for him to go on and he'll go on that occasionally. I put that same paper in a litter box and he'll go in that box. But he STILL prefers my carpet at night. I think what I need to do is try to sell my cat a better option for crapping. How can I advertise the litter box with the paper in it to him so that that seems more entising and how can I make the carpet seem like something lousy to go on.

any suggestions
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Get a second litterbox and put it in the place that he "craps." That should solve the problem.
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And make sure you're using an enzyme cleaner to get rid of all traces of poop smell or he'll go there again.
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There may not really be a solution. I'd just put down a rug or towel by the litter pan where he's going and then wash it every week.

I had a Cornish Rex. Her entire life she peed in the litter box but would poop right along side it. I tried so many things and nothing worked. She did it as an only rex, and when there were more cats in the house.

The ONLY thing that got her to use the box was to put the box on tile or another non-carpet surface - then she used it properly. I even tried putting down plastic, but she still did it on the carpet.
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I agree with (a) cleaning (and cleaning and cleaning) with an enzyme cleaner; (b) put a new box where the accidents are happening; and (c) maybe trying Cat Attract litter.

Good luck - I know from experience it's frustrating.
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1) did u mention if he is neutered?

2) when u say he was checked by a vet and eats like a horse, was he SPECIFICALLY tested for a urinary tract infection? A general vet check up won't determine that and the vet won't know to test for that unless you ask.
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