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How did your cat(s) get their name?

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The "naming help" threads got me wondering, how did you guys choose your cats names?

I'll start:

Milo was a feral kitten that I rescued out of a dumpster at work and took home, much to my Mom's dismay. (not a cat lover, hee hee! ) I named him Milo, because as a child one of my all-time favorite movies was "Milo and Otis", about a cat named Milo and a pug named Otis that were best friends.

When I adopted Kiwi her name was "Kiki", which I didn't like at all. But, I didn't want to change her name too drastically, and she has gorgeous green eyes, so I re-named her Kiwi.

Your turn!
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Hm... well Spikey got his name because... I liked the name Spike xP Cuz at the time I used to watch Buffy the Vampire slayer and I always liked the vampires and Spike was my favourite, but I didn't want my mum to know I got it from that so I put a y on the end and i think its always suited him

and fur Hobbit, I wanted a different name..not to plain! and I did want something like a mystical creature like a Goblin or a Troll..or..something and well when I first got him he was sooooooooo small and I guess I just thought of Hobbit!!
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We had originally found a stray at this muffler shop my SO goes to in Cali and she was this deep black color with sky blue eyes. Well we were in the middle of moving and couldn't devote the time to bottle feed her like we could so our other option was the humane society. I was actually very distraut. Once we got settled here in Az and finally got another kitty I still wanted a remberance of the first kitty so She is Skye2 but more commonly just Skye.
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There are already several threads about cats' names, such as:

I love names....What are your cats names??

How did your Cat(s) get there Name(s)?!!
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Treasure's name was given to her.

One of my students, who lived in a dorm, found an abandoned kitten and decided to hide her in the dorm room. The plumber discovered The Secret a few days later. My student remembered that I like animals, especially cats, and asked me to take the kitten home.

I just kept the name that was given by the student, who was also a member of the college's dance team, called the Treasures.
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Pixel's name is from a book: The Cat Who Walked Through Walls... but she was part of a pair, so i named her littermate Mouse to go w/Pixel. then had to continue the 'theme' with each new cat, so Cable [thought she was a boy when i named her], Java [named via a TCS poll], Chip & Firefox [altho i call that last one 'Puter Bug ]
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Originally Posted by tigerlily0 View Post
There are already several threads about cats' names, such as:

I love names....What are your cats names??

My post is #33 on how all my cats, past & present got their names.

How did your Cat(s) get there Name(s)?!!
And #26 is how Blossom got her name.
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When I got Napolean I didn't know what to name him. The woman who rescued him called him 'Trouble' but on Pet Finder he was just Kitten #18. I considered naming him Loki because he's crazy [and that's the god of chaos] but it didn't stick. For like 3 days I thought I really liked the name Nigel for him. When I went to work I found that we had 2 Nigel's in our computer, and one of my coworkers said "What about Napolean?" at the time Napoleon Dynamite was really popular, and I was like "No way!" but the name was perfect! So I changed the spelling a little and it's stuck ever since. He's totally a Napolean.

I named Pause, Pause, because on his forehead he has two grey smudges that look like a pause [||] symbol. I kept telling everyone I worked with that if I took him home that is what I would name him.
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Sorry for the repeat posting.
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That's okay because not all of us have responded to those posts, especially the newbies. I think that you haven't been a member for long as well.

Butzie, my cat, is named after a festival in Cologne, Germany which is on 2/15. That day, the women and the men walk around in a park. The women get to check out the men. If a guy sees a woman he likes, he approaches her. If she likes him, she gives him a "Butzie" which is a kiss on this festival day. Otherwise, she cuts your tie.

I have posted my reply to this question but on other forums, not this one.

Do you live in New Zealand? We have been to Te Awmutu, Rotarua, Lake Taupo, and Auckland. We loved it! We went to a kiwi orchard (?). Next time will be to the South Island.
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I have already posted this in the other name thread but:

Matilda - This name was suggested randomly by my SO, who was half-joking. He didn't know that it was on my list of possible names (it's the name of my favorite childhood book, Matilda by Roald Dahl). She has long hair that is matted easily and she always looks mad, so we liked that we could call her Mattie/Maddy as a nickname for Matilda.

Chloe - My SO really wanted to name her Zoe, but I wanted the name Sophie. We couldn't agree and finally compromised on Chloe, because we both liked Chloe. She really looks like a Chloe also, I think. It fits her spunky little personality.

Oh, and to the original poster, I LOVE the name Kiwi! So cute!
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Our cat was a squishy little, cute little, fluffy little ball of fur, hence... Squishy.
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Pan is short for Pantalimion, who was a character in the novel "The Golden Compass", where everyone's soul lives outside their body in animal form. Pan was the main characters soul, or daemon, as it is called in the book, and it seemed fitting to name our kitten that because he never leaves our side!
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Eliott came with his name

Noir is called that bc she is black and I wanted somethingin another language

Kinks was just named that because it sounded like a good tough street cat kind of name because that is where she was found

came with the name Chloe which we hated but wanted to to sound similar.

Da-Ku, again I wanted a black name but in another language

Willoughby because something about him is just a old wise Englishman sort of cat and Willoughby sounded like a wise old Englishman sort of name I guess
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When my girls came to live with us 3 weeks ago, my hubby and I were talking about names. They were hiding/sleeping behind their little quilted kitty condo and I was laying the floor, looking at them sleep. I was talking about 2 orange cats I had when I was a little girl (2 gorgeous orange babies with one inch taills) named Rusty and Dusty. As I said those names, the girls woke up looking at me as if to say "Why did you call us?" They became Rusty (the orange tabby) and Dusty (the dilute torbie) from that day on. They are no longer shy and rule the roost!
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i wanted girly name's for mine i only had to look at them, & the name's came to my head & they suited them hehe
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I arrived home one day ,with 2 siamese twins,as we called them the two brothers were the cutest little seal point kittens,
it seemed impossible,for us to agree on a name for each of them ,so decided to leave it for awhile.
oUr little kitties were always by our side,while we worked on our masterpieces they slept close by we were one happy family Until.!
I was just putting the final touches to a very large painting when the phone rang,at that time had no mobile phone,
Putting the painting out of there reach,I felt sure everything would be ok.
after all they were sound asleep.
AT first I didn't take much notice ,as they slinked past me,and it took awhile for it to register with me that I was lookin at a rainbow of little foot prints leading up the hall.Red,green,mauveand of cause black.
u guessed it I had put the painting in a safe place ,but oh dear had forgotten the palette of paint.
MY two little kitties had become artists and there u have it ,from then on all our male cats were named after great artists
THis was the story of Rembrant and Picasso!
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I have 2 cats Pumpkin and Booja (the J is pronounced like the J in the name Jacque, like Jacque Coustou), Pumpkin is all orange, like a pumpkin, as far a Booja when she was a few days old she was so cute and for some reason I picked her up and rubbed my nose against hers and said in a baby voice "your such a cute little booja booja booja" and I just decided to name her that.
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My boys were found near Rockefeller Park, hence Rocky.

Oliver is from the kitten in "Oliver and Company."

Their middle names Elwood and Jake are from "The Blues Brothers."
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all mine are named for figures in Greek mythology, I take in a lot of cats and to be honest I'm not that creative with names, so I pick a theme and go with it! I previously had a biblical theme (Sampson, Delilah, Jericho, Rebekah) and a NASCAR theme (Dale, Junior, Talledega )

if I run out of Greek myth names, I'm going with Shakespearian names....bit I really hope I don't take in that many more cats
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Trout got her name because Troutfish are I named my kitty that
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Well when I first saw Tavia I knew she was meant to be mine. But I originally called her Octtavia but that didn't really fit. And I started calling her Tavia and I just thought it was so pretty and it stuck.
And with Chloe when I first brung her home her name was Zoe but I just couldn't get used to it. And I kept calling her Chloe so I changed her name to Chloe and it fits her nicely.
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Forest came with his name. He and his brother were found together in a dumpster and brought into our vet. They both have cerebellar hyperplasia (it's like cerebral palsey in humans). One was orange and the other was black, so they named them Forest and Bubba after the movie characters. The vet assistants taught Forest to come running when they told him to "Run, Forest, Run!", so he definitely knew his name when we got him.

Tailer was found as a very young kitten dumped with the rest of his litter in a forest preserve. He was the only one who survived, but he had apparently been out there a while. His two most outstanding features were his disproportionately long tail and his unbelieveably bad breath. My stepson named him Tailer after his long tail...but you have no idea how close he came to being named "Lavoris".
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Leo - It was the first name I thought of when I was naming him.

Tabitha - John wanted to call her "Tabby" because she is a red/white tabby but I insisted she needed a full name so he called her Tabitha.

Spike - It took us forever to name him and finally I made a list and told John to pick one and that's the one he picked.

Spooky Bear - He got his name for several reasons. The Spooky was because he was so scared when we found him and also because he is a black cat and it was just a few days before Halloween when we found him. The Bear was because I collect teddy bears and he looked like a little black bear cub.

Lilly - It was the first name John thought of.

Grabat - John's dad named her that because when she was little she kept running inside and he'd say "Grab 'at cat!"... it became her name when she was allowed to stay indoors.

Captain Squishy Fuzzypants A.K.A. Slingshot - John came up with it.

Garfield Hoppington IV - John also named him, said he looked like Garfield.

Lieutenant Bear - We originally called her Lilly Bear ("Bear" for the same reasons as Spooky Bear), but one day we were at a flea market and saw a license plate that said "Lt. Bear", it was perfect and we dropped the "Lilly" from it shortly after.

Roxy - John named her.

Sofia - I've always loved the name.

Taco - John named him before he was born, he said we needed a kitten named "ChiChi Rodriguez A.K.A. Taco Salad"... the "Taco" part stuck.

Woody Jr. - Named after my beloved cat Woody who passed away in 2004.
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when we got him we was too small to have a curly coat, so he had that coat that reminded me a kiwi fruit. we wanted to name him after kiwi. then we thought a little and changed it to Givi, which is a georgian name sounds good IMHO
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