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Don't do that

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Do your cats have a certain thing they don't like. For example, being picked up or pet in a certain spot. Popsie hates having his back paws touched. It must tickle or something. I do it sometimes just to pick on him and after so long he lashes out.
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Keli my old calico despises being picked up. Shellbie doesn't like either, but Keli really hates it and lets you know!
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Lilly REALLY hates being picked up...but loves me to hold her feet and play with her ears when she falls asleep next to me at night.

Forrest is ok with almost anything except belly rubs.
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My cat Spikey definitely doesn't like to be picked up...
and Hobbit sometimes doesna like to get picked up but since he's only a lil kitten he has no choice
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Jake doesn't like being picked up either, but loves to be petted and will even headbutt you, which is so cute. Max, on the other hand, loves being picked up and shown lots of attention.
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Treasure can't stand being picked up. She'll last about 9-15 seconds and then start wriggling.
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George doesn't like being picked up when I'm standing up, but if I hold him while I'm sitting he soaks up the attention.

And he's weird with his paws....sometimes he can't stand me touching them, and other times he will firmly place his front paw in my hand and keep it there like he wants to hold hands with me
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Blossom won't sit on my lap, she squirms to get away.
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Let's see...

Brazil doesn't really like being face to face...she's not mean...just pulls back when you try to kiss her nose, like 'eww gross!"

Martha Mae...somedays just doesn't like to be held...she will just grumble softly...never nasty, just complain that you are holding her...

Faith...she's just a mush, totally...nothing bothers her
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I have to say I'm really fortunate my cats don't care about anything.

I mean, granted they don't enjoy it when I trim their nails, and Napolean will run away if he knows I'm getting stuff out to clean his ears, but neither of the cats ever growl, or protest more than running away or making weak attemps at jumping out of my arms. Neither of my cats have ever hissed/growled or tried to get me over anything.
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Tiny hates being picked up. He tends to be nervous, and I think being picked up makes him feel like he's losing control. He's been stepping into my lap lately, though. I'm so proud of him!
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Memphis LOVES everything. I make a kissing sound, and he rubs his nose against mine. He literally gets up on his hind legs and gets you to pick him up. When he's on the table and you're sitting at the table (naughty I know), he will literally put his paws around my neck and hug me. There is not a sensitive spot on him. He loves everything.
I'm so lucky!
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Arwen hates being picked up, especially at bedtime when she has to go outside, and Shark is the same.

Brandy is just a big softie, and doesn't mind being picked up, mainly because he knows that he will get a cuddle!
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Abby doesn't like to be picked up when I'm standing. Occasionally I will catch her and she will "tolerate" it for a couple minutes, but her front legs are against my shoulders and stiff as boards so that I can't get in a good snuggle with her. However, if I take a step while holding her, she uses me as a spring board and pushes herself away even more and jumps down.

My cats are pretty laid back. Chynna loves paw massages. Abby has been sleeping on the desk more and I've been giving her paw massages too. She's coming along. Now I can lightly stroke a couple of her paws without her pulling her leg away.
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Sparkle like's pretty much everything, but if she doesn't like something, then you'll most likely get a growl out of her LOL! Glamorous doesn't really like being picked up, unless she's tired out, & Izzy doesn't really sit still long enough, for me to work out what she does & doesn't like!
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Givi doesnt like when i touch his ears, it might tickle as well
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