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Tiffin Plays Football!

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I thought Tiffin needed some toys, so I bought him a football. ANd he loves it. He pushes it, dribbles it, kicks it all over the field until at last it always ends up under the fence. And then he looks at me and asks for his ball back. I have a wonderful video of him and the ball, but for some reason I can't upload it. These pix do not have quite the same effect but you get the idea.
He is a bit shaggy in his winter coat.

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Love it!!! That is so cute!
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OMG how cute is he That's so funny Jenny
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Awwww, so cute!!!
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Oh how cute - mini horses - what breed?
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Little boys and their toys....doesn't get much cuter than that!
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He is a Shetland pony - the smallest of all British native breeds. He is a real little boy, loves to get into everything and follows me around wherever I am. He has been known to run off with my bucket in his teeth. That is why I decided to buy him a ball to play with.
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Those are Shetlands???? I've never seen one that short Looks more like a mini
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Aw - him is a cute widdle guy!!
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He's only 8 months old but yes, he is a purebred Shetland. They can be taller, though many Shetlands that are used for riding are crosses, often with New Forest or Exmoor ponies.
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Bend it like Beckham, Tiffin!
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Oh ok, cause all the Shetlands I've seen are taller - didn't know they were crosses.
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