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Our D.T. for Thursday May 17th

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only one more day until the weekend! I'm very happy about that. Nothing going on here. I was very happy to see that Jadekittys foster cats were adopted. news like that makes my day.

Tonight is the first thursday night without some kind of survivor show on since #2 started and I'm sad about that. I guess I better just get used to it because it's going to be awhile before #3 is aired. Richard Hatch said in entertainment weekly that after 4 survivors, they are going to have an 'ultimate' surivor with the 4 winners. I would think you would need more than 4 to really do it right. I'm sure Mark Burnett will dazzle us. he always does.

well, everyone have a great day!
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That is interesting about Survivor. You sure are right about being dazzled.
I am so happy that tomorrow is Friday.
I hope eveyone has a terrific day!!
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My goodness. I think I am going to drop and the week is not over!! I have been going like the energy bunny all week. I shouldnt even be up here, but I was having withdrawls. Today is my daughters 7th Birthday and her and her dad are out riding her new scooter. I figured I would get up here while I can. Tomorrow, I am leaving for NJ so I will be packing and picking up the house all day. I was going to ask hubby to bring the laptop, but then he might have me committed!! I just know on Monday I am going to feel as if I have been in a hurricane or something. I hope everyone has something fun planned for the weekend!! I dont want too much to catch up on when I get home...all those posts could take days...LOL
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all i can say right now is, my ARSE still hurts :laughing:

gosh, i have muscles i didnt know about, apparently!

squash is definitely fun, but, painful if you've never played,
or dont excercise much - like me

mmm, i am also ancy about no Survivor, what will i do tonight?! :laughing:


hope everyone had a good day today

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A little over 2 months ago we found a white boxer puppy who looked like a Holocaust survivor in our yard. We took her in and got her to the vet for a checkup, and started feeding her right. Now, 2 months later, Moby is a HUGE dog and quite a lot to handle. We've decided to find her a home. We became very dismayed when people started coming to look at her and each and every one said they would want to breed her We always said NO WAY. We were going to take her down to los Angeles (2 hour drive) to a boxer rescue organization 2 weeks ago, but she had an appointment to be spayed the very day the boxer rescue wanted us to bring her down. So we said we'd have to wait til she was spayed and until her stitches were out before we could bring her down. Well the stitches come out tomorrow, but today my grandma called and said she knew a girl who would like to take her. So they came down to see her and come to find out I know the girl who wants her so we'd feel really comfortable with Moby going to live with her.

Well it was love at first site, and the girl's kids love Moby too. She even came over again not too long ago to show her mother. Moby is going to her new home on Saturday.

So today was a very good day. Moby is going to a great mew home! I'm so happy but also a bit sad to know she is leaving us. But I know she will do very well with the family who is taking her.
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All you Survivor addicts: do what one of my friends at work is doing- having a Survivor party! She had one last summer and it was a blast! She had all these contests we had to do. The next one is planned for Memorial Day weekend.

Sandie, say hi to Ho-Ho-Kus for me while in NJ!

My cums are done! 2 days until the move! It's almost over, and not a second too soon! Both of my graduate classes are going to be a boatload of work!

Have a great Friday, everybody!
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